Interactive Infographic Of The Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S infographicAn interesting new interactive infographic detailing the Tesla Model S was recently brought to my attention, and seems very much worth sharing here.

The interactive infographic was created by “Romtim” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, so if you end up enjoying it, make sure that you head over and express your thanks….

Here’s the link.

One thought on “Interactive Infographic Of The Tesla Model S

  1. Impressive. Two small revisions for the next iteration:
    On the range demonstration, ensure the cars drive at the same speed. It’s misleading to show the Tesla moving faster. My Leaf will keep pace with a Tesla on the open road – provided there’s a speed limit we both obey. Of course I lose the race if it’s a standing start or longer than 130km.
    Electricity cost should be measured in $/kWh, not $/kW.

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