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Watch A Self-Driving Chevy Bolt Navigate San Francisco (With Footage Inside The Car)

Following on the release last month of a dash-cam video showing a reportedly self-driving Chevy Bolt EV traveling around San Francisco, Cruise/GM has now released another video. As you may recall, in the comments section of our earlier coverage some people expressed skepticism that the Bolt EV was driving all or most of the time. Presumably, Dan Amman reads CleanTechnica. 😉

February 22nd

Study Shows Why Californian Cities Leads US Electric Car Sales

An interesting analysis of the California electric vehicle market was recently published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), providing a nice overview of the effects of various policies and promotional activities in effect there through 2015, as well as lessons for other locations/jurisdictions. The analysis is based around city-level data on electric vehicles […]

September 25th

Report: When & Where Does EV Use Make The Most Sense?

Where in the US do electric vehicles make the sense? What about when? Where in the country does the total cost of ownership fall below that of conventional vehicles? A recent article from the International Council on Clean Transportation attempted to quantify the answers to some of these questions, giving us some new insights in […]

November 5th

BMW i ChargeForward Pilot Launches In San Francisco

BMW and Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) have partnered to launch an 18-month pilot of the BMW i ChargeForward Program in San Francisco, according to recent reports. The pilot program will see roughly 100 BMW i3 drivers — selected from around 400 applicants — participate in a demonstration of the ways that “intelligent” managing of […]

August 8th

Top EV Cities In US — 10 Charts

Some of the factors contributing to the relatively fast adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in some American metropolitan markets have been identified and characterized by a new study from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). The dominant ones, according to the new report, are: stronger consumer incentives, a broader range of offerings, stronger promotional […]

August 8th

Tesla Actively Seeking Hackers To Make Model S Safe

There are growing concerns that new cars, but especially all-electric vehicles, could be extremely vulnerable to hackers with cruel intentions. As the world’s foremost electric car maker, Tesla has a duty to customers past, present, and future to safeguard against would-be hackers. So how do you fight hackers? With hackers. Tesla made news earlier this […]

August 12th

Tesla Fremont Factory Tour, From An Automotive Insider ©

Originally published on CleanTechnica. By Jeff Cohen Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to tour many automotive assembly plants. As a child, I saw 1965 Ford Mustangs assembled at the Ford River Rouge factory in Michigan. When I became a General Motors executive and the brand manager of the GMC Jimmy/Envoy, I visited several GM assembly plants, including […]

July 5th

Georgia’s EV Incentives Show Its About More Than Just Money

Many Western States offer cash incentives to EV buyers to get them in the door, but after that, they’re on their own. Georgia, however, offers not just a chunky tax credit, but access to HOV lanes, plentiful charging stations, and special rates for off-peak charging. It’s a success story that should be emulated. The Wall […]

Electric Car Owners — Who Are They? What Do They Want? Why Did They Go Electric? (14 Charts, Tables)

Here’s one of the exclusive posts I recently wrote from my information gathering at EVS 27 in Barcelona. More to come. Stay tuned… Understanding Electric Car Owners & Potential Electric Car Owners (14 Charts & Tables) (via Clean Technica) One of the presenters at EVS27* was Jack Broadbent of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. […]

December 5th

Best Electric Car Cities In US?

I’m a big fan of ranking… just like the rest of you. However, I generally hate that most rankings are presented in absolute terms rather than relative terms. For example, there are many rankings of the “best electric car cities” based on the total number of electric cars, total number of public electric car charging […]

October 28th

Who Drives Electric Cars? + Electric Cars Growing Rapidly (Infographic)

The Wall Street Journal (which I just railed on the other day for a horrible post about solar energy) has actually published a pretty interesting infographic on who drives electric cars. Granted, I saved myself the probable pain of reading the related article — but maybe it was actually a decent piece as well. If […]

September 27th