San Francisco Ride-Share Opoli Gets 50 BYD e6 EVs

One of San Diego’s ride-share programs, Opoli, will soon feature a fleet with 50 new BYD e6 electric vehicles (EVs), following the announcement of a new partnership between the two companies.

According to reports, the 50 BYD e6 EVs will be joining Opoli’s natural gas airport shuttles sometime before the end of late summer 2015. San Diego International Airport has apparently already allotted Opoli charging spots at the docking station located on site, it’s been stated.


Green Car Congress provides some more information and background:

This partnership comes weeks after Opoli launched services in the San Diego area, including being the first rideshare service permitted at the San Diego International Airport. Opoli functions under a name-your-price model, connecting drivers and ride seekers to agree upon a fare, with 100% of the fare going to the driver’s account. Rides can be booked in advance or on demand via the Opoli app, available for iOS and Android.

The e6 has been incorporated in fleets in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Rotterdam, Bogota and Rio de Janeiro. BYD says that more than 800 are in operation as public eTaxis worldwide, with an accumulated fleet range of more than 45 million miles (72 million km). The e6 is equipped with a 75 kW motor and a 61.4 kWh BYD-developed lithium iron-phosphate battery, delivering a range of 186 miles (299 km) on a single charge under urban conditions. Top speed is 87 mph (140 km/h).

Sounds like a pretty good deal for Opoli, which, coincidentally, sounds like a pretty good deal for those in the area. This is presumably a better deal for the driver as well, since Opoli apparently doesn’t garnish the pay that most competitors are known to. Any of our readers try the service out yet?

Image Credit: Opoli

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