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EV Charging Stations: Staying Safe

Safety might not be the first consideration when selecting a charging station, but safety is actually the most important thing to consider. The primary function of a plug-in vehicle charging station is to provide electrical safety for the operator and electrical infrastructure throughout the charging process and specifically to address the risks of fire and electric shock.

January 4th

Last-Minute Christmas Present Idea — Tesla Raffle Ticket

It’s two days till Christmas! Don’t have a gift for someone yet? Surely they’d love a raffle ticket that gives them a chance to win a completely fully entirely loaded Tesla Model X or Model S. The Climate XChange raffle* we’ve written about before is still going, and you can quickly pop on over to that […]

December 23rd

Climate XChange Advocating Carbon Tax via Tesla Raffle

As the COP21 talks enter their final week, a key point that stands out for me is Elon Musk’s talk at the prestigious Sorbonne, and within that, his call for worldwide carbon taxation. The more I think back to his talk (which is well worth watching on its own), starting with the carbon cycle and […]

December 9th

Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle — Win A Tesla!

Those of you wanting to take part in a raffle for one of Tesla’s vaunted electric vehicles now have yet another opportunity to do so, following the announcement of a new raffle from Climate XChange*. The proceeds will be going towards a good cause, it should be noted — with the money raised set to […]

November 19th

3 Cutting-Edge Automakers That Are Totally Reinventing Their Wheels

People always say that you can’t reinvent the wheel, and maybe that’s true. However, from time to time, automakers manage to reinvent their own wheels, by coming up with revolutionary new concepts. There was a time when automobiles looked like roofless, horseless carriages. They had no keys, bumpers, or seatbelts. Had it not been for […]

November 2nd

Tesla Model S Raffle Ongoing Until December 1

Those of you living in the US who would like a Tesla Model S but can’t afford one and are of the gambling persuasion may want to head over to the Illinois Solar Energy Association’s* website to purchase a raffle ticket while they’re still available. There are only 2,000 tickets available in total for the raffle, […]

October 26th

Installing An EV Charging Station In Your Home

Something that many people don’t realize is that you can actually plug an electric car into an electricity outlet just like you plug a dryer into an electricity outlet. However, the reason that isn’t the most common way to charge an electric car is quite clear — it takes a long time. Much more common is to install […]

June 13th

How BMW Is Making Headway In Cutting The Emissions In Cars

By fundamentally changing the car building process in almost every regard, BMW believes that it can start making one of the greenest cars ever. Now, for a car company, this may seem a little bit strange, but it is an area in which BMW believe they can make great strides. The Driving Force of Change Since […]

May 12th

A Tesla Model S Raffle To Help Underprivileged Youth

All across America, states and cities are cutting their education budgets, often in schools that are already desperately strapped for cash. This puts millions of young entrepreneurs and community leaders at risk of not living up to their full potential. The goal of the Messner Foundation is to identify and assist these underprivileged students and […]

March 27th

Acura NSX Type R In The Works?

It seems like forever ago that the all-new plug-in hybrid Acura NSX hybrid supercar debuted, and if you can believe it, we’re still awhile away from production beginning. In the midst of all this waiting, Gearheads.org* got to wondering… what might an Acura NSX Type-R look like? Thanks to photoshop, now we have a decent […]

December 12th

Solar EV Charging Rocks, But Which Option To Choose?

Electric vehicles are awesome for our health, anyone and anything that prefers oxygen over pollution, our comfort, and much more, but they are even more awesome if they are drinking electricity from solar panels. That should be a given. It’s easy to realize that we should all be driving on sunshine, and “energy independence” is one of the key selling […]

November 28th

Kickstart A 2015 EV Buyers Guide

EV Obsession has its own annual list of electric cars on offer (continuously updated), but a startup out of San Diego is looking to do something a little more… tangible. It is looking to produce an EV Buyers Guide for 2015* aimed at a mainstream audience. Electric Car Insider magazine has created a Kickstarter campaign in order […]

November 14th

Will The BMW i Lineup Boost BMW’s Market Share?

I’ve discussed it many times: I’m confident that electric vehicles will replace gasmobiles within the next decade or so. There are so many clear benefits that electric cars have over gasmobiles, including convenience, acceleration, and drive quality. Electric car sales more than tripled from 2010 to 2011, increased 2½ times from 2011 to 2012, and […]

August 16th

Driving Into The Future… Google Now Building Self-Driving Cars

What does the future of transportation hold? Flying cars? Self-driving cars? An all-electric transportation world? Of course, I think the latter is on the way, but I also think self-driving cars will be a great complement to electric cars and are another inevitable. Actually, two of the biggest cleantech leaders in the world, Elon Musk and […]

May 28th