Win a Tesla and Help Support Climate Action with Climate XChange!

All too often it is assumed that taking action on climate change could hurt the economy. But what if we could spur innovation and create a healthier community at the same time?

Climate XChange* is a non-profit aiming to do just that. The group researches and advocates for a price on carbon pollution, and to fundraise for this goal, they are raffling off THREE brand new Teslas on New Year’s Day! This is one of the coolest raffles of this kind, and the odds of winning are pretty amazing, too!

Climate XChange, a Massachusetts-based 501(c)(3), is a small team with big ambitions of putting a price on carbon emissions and securing a healthier future for communities and local economies. Working from an American Revolutionary era church in downtown Boston, Climate XChange is helping advocates from across the country follow their lead and spark campaigns to pass carbon pricing legislation at the state level.

Their work over the past years has focused on enacting carbon pricing in Massachusetts, winning a major victory when their bill PASSED the Massachusetts State Senate unanimously in the 2018 session. CXC acquired the State Carbon Pricing Network, a platform for sharing best practices around the country from campaigns trying to pass carbon pricing. Their reach has now spread across the nation, providing campaign support in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Since its founding in 2013, CXC has added staff, grown its programs and expanded into content creation. This year they even launched their own podcast, Cooler Earth, featuring in-depth discussions on a range of topics focused on the science and economics of global warming, which has been downloaded over 1,500 times. They also host the climate action business association (CABA) which helps its 140+ members advocates for climate action in their business and in the community.

While their focus is local, we know that the ripple effect of this climate action connects us to all cities and states. If you think that this type of work is worth supporting, you can help them fundraise and get the coolest return ever.

For the third year, CXC is hosting a raffle for THREE brand new Tesla vehicles. Prize taxes are included in this raffle, so if you win, you don’t have to pay anything on your prize. Here are some more details about the raffle:

  • This year the odds are better than ever: 3 cars, and ticket sales limited to only 4,000 tickets
  • By purchasing a ticket, you will be supporting our mission of passing a carbon pricing mechanism and moving towards a low-carbon economy, while also having the chance to win one of three brand new Teslas.
  • The drawing will be held on New Year’s Day 2019: not a bad way to start the year, right?!
  • Grand Prize winner can CHOOSE which Tesla for their winning: a Model X, Model S, or Model 3. Second and third prize winner will receive a Model 3 (see all legal and winnings details here).

Support carbon pricing and climate action! Enter to win a Tesla!

*This post was supported by ClimateXChange. CXC is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc.

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