Electric Car Lease: Top Benefits Of Leasing An Electric Vehicle

When you head to a dealer to pick out your new car, we know that you’re looking for something that is going to give you that little somethin’ extra. Perhaps it is prestige you seek with a classy vehicle, or maybe it’s the satisfaction of all of the fancy bells and whistles or the cool EV technology. If you’re like many buyers though, you’re looking for something else … the new and improved kind of driving experience that only an electric car can offer.

Why consider an electric car lease?

There are many benefits of an electric car lease instead of purchasing outright. Firstly, you can consider a more expensive car, or cars with the fancy features that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. There are no shortage of advantages of electric car leasing.

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Benefits of going for a lease on an electric car

Car leasing has many benefits. It’s been a popular way to finance some of the higher end cars even for those with low income and most dealers have focused on making sure that they can cater to everyone who comes through their doors. Here are some of the few top benefits to enjoy when considering an electric car lease.

    • You can afford an electric vehicle (EV) on a lease: Some of the nicer electric vehicles cost more than other internal combustion vehicles, and might seem out of the budget for those who are looking for a reasonable monthly rate. With a lease, however, you’ll be able to actually consider the idea of an electric vehicle as commonly as you’d consider a regular gas vehicle.
    • Toss your depreciation worries aside: One of the biggest concerns is the idea of depreciation for the car itself. A lease gives you all of the reward of a new vehicle, but none of the cost that comes from the depreciation of the car and having to sell it in the future. At the end of the lease term, you will give the vehicle back to the dealer and know that they’ll have no issue moving it on (not that it’s your problem). This can even continue on the benefits to someone else who wants to try it out as a secondhand car or even on another lease.
    • Enjoy the perks of driving electric: Then there’s the whole idea of actually driving an electric car! EVs are fun to drive, and are some of the safest vehicles on the market. As a driver and passenger, you get to enjoy a quieter and smoother ride and no stress about running out of gas in an unknown or busy city. You can simply plug your car in at home via a regular 2-prong plug (or consider having a fast-charging one installed in your garage) and you’ll be able to drive around easily. Most gas stations even have designated parking for those with electric cars so you can enjoy priority parking and a wonderful and efficient place to charge your car!

  • Fulfill your eco-conscious dreams: We all know the climate emergency isn’t going away anytime soon, and leasing an EV (when you’re in the market for a new vehicle or vehicle upgrade) is a great way to align your purchases with your sustainability values, and help ensure a more livable planet.
  • Enjoy a tax break: In some areas, you can even enjoy a tax break when it comes to driving an EV. If you are someone who is looking for any support they can get from the government, this is a serious perk to really focus on. Most government rebates don’t depend on owning the car itself, so you can provide the electric car lease details when filing and still get the benefit that you’re looking for. This also makes it a great option for a business vehicle, too.
  • Be a trendsetter: Looks and fame aren’t everything, of course, but it is pretty cool to think that you’ll be the coolest driver in your neighbourhood as you buzz around in your electric car. EVs are no longer revolutionary, but in many regions they are still not commonplace. You can be the leader of the EV revolution in your neighborhood or city!

If you’ve ever considered the thought of really getting into the green way of living and want a way to apply it to your daily commute, an electric car lease — and its many advantages and benefits — is certainly the best way to consider it. Not only does it give you details like tax benefits and the cool factor, it also helps you to enjoy a more eco-friendly way of life without the financial burden of resale down the line. What more incentive do you need? Your new EV is waiting!

*This article was sponsored by Intelligent Car Leasing. Image courtesy CleanTechnica.

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