Tesla Owners Celebrate The Chinese New Year

It’s the Chinese New Year, and YouTuber Leilani Darling shared a video of her little “Lion of a Brother” Steven dancing in front of a Tesla Model X as it danced the holiday dance. You know, that cute dance with the falcon-wing doors going up and down. The red Model X also has gold ribbons and festive decorations on it.

This sweet little lion wasn’t the only one celebrating. Telsa’s CEO, Elon Musk also had something to share. He tweeted a photo of a Tesla Supercharger stall with a hanging red lantern. Traditionally, the red lanterns are used to drive off bad luck and have been hung on trees, in office buildings and on the doors of homes.  There are several types of lanterns and the hanging ones are the most common. They come in many shapes from oval to square. In ancient China, every family would hang these colorful lanterns at their gate. Some would write riddles on paper and attach them to the lanterns. The answers had to be guessed form a word, poem or a phrase.

In Elon’s sent a tweet (since deleted) that had a caption in the graphic in Chinese. Vincent of Tesmanian translated it for us: “Try not to eat too many oily stuff during the Chinese New Year.” Ironically, I had just made some sliced potatoes in the oven with olive oil, hot sauce, and Cajun seasoning. So, as I was reading that translation, I was eating something oily, but using the healthier oil.

Jay in Shanghai also tweeted a greeting with more beautiful graphics, including the one Elon shared. This is the Year of the Rat, which is a creative, clever being. I daresay it will be a good year for Tesla to up its game in production and make more sales now that the Chinese Gigafactory is operational.

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