Tesla, China, and the Coronavirus: What You SHOULD Be Focused On.

I want to address something that I’ve seen in my Twitter feed a few times: fears about Tesla regarding China shutting down its plant for a month in order to focus efforts on containing the coronavirus.

I want to first remind you that Tesla isn’t the only company that does business with China. China is a huge manufacturing hub and for a country to shut down businesses and focus on health is a huge thing that should not be overlooked.

It’s not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ issue. Many are concerned with Tesla’s finances for the first quarter of 2020, and shutting down this Chinese plant for a month will surely hurt it in the SHORT TERM.

Ever took a punch? Did you die immediately or did it hurt badly for a few days and then get better? Every company on the planet should applaud China for focusing on containing the coronavirus. Big business is going to take a punch in the face from China as it puts the lives of its citizens first but it will survive.

Americans are so focused on money and capitalism that we often put our health last. Who reading this hasn’t gone into work sick because you “couldn’t afford to not go to work?” We often brag about going to work sick or injured as if it is a badge of honor. I have heard horror stories — even have a couple of my own.

Our work culture here in America penalizes you for being sick, for having emergencies, and if it’s not the work culture doing so, then if you miss work, you could end up being late on your bills. In some cases, people become homeless because they get too sick to go to work. This is the dark side of capitalism.

Imagine if American companies put aside big business and focused on actually caring about the lives of their employees. The truth is, we are replaceable. I mean this from a statistical point of view — not saying that you have no value. Everyone has value, but big business sees us as drones or slaves. They don’t see our value individually. To them, our value is how much money can we bring to the company.

Regarding Tesla, look at what Tesla has done in the last decade. Look at how far it has come along as a new company in comparison to the stagnating legacy automakers. Then look at the fact that Tesla isn’t just about cars anymore. It has evolved. If there is one company that I would bet on surviving any impact the coronavirus has on big business, it would be Tesla.

Tesla has put its customers first and foremost. It’s giving away free fuel for its customers in China right now. I am not a stock advisor, but I will impart some common sense. You can sell, or you can roll with that punch. I’m gonna roll simply because I see the bigger picture. I personally think that instead of focusing on what Tesla will lose or how the coronavirus will affect Tesla from a business standpoint, we should redirect our own focus towards being supportive.

I believe that the best way to be supportive is to focus on our own health. Be aware of your coughing, sneezing, and wash your hands. Do your part in preventing this virus by staying clean, use hand sanitizer, and take your vitamins that boost your immune system. Eat foods that help your body fight off diseases. Ginger, garlic, turmeric, and other spices — use them in your soups and stews.

Right now, it doesn’t matter what will happen to Tesla if this virus doesn’t become contained. China is taking seriously the health of its citizens. You should follow that lead — take care of your health first. Prioritizing your health isn’t being selfish. Selfish is going to work with a 102-degree fever knowing that you feel you might pass out any moment.

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