Auto Repairs Cannot Be Avoided

All vehicles, electric or gas, need repairs to keep them running and functioning well. Even with proper maintenance, a vehicle is going to require getting fixed at some point. Life happens, accidents take place, and things simply break. Today we are reviewing possible repairs and what that means for your vehicle.

Windshields Crack

Cracks happen and happen often. It can be as simple as a rock hitting the windshield while traveling, to a collision that damages the windshield. Even a small crack can compromise the safety of the windshield, a device designed to protect you from the elements and debris that is flying around and could harm you. We highly recommend getting your windshield repaired as soon as you see a small crack or immediately after an accident.

Companies that specialize in auto glass, such as Van Isle Glass, are the perfect spot to take your vehicle for auto glass repairs of all kinds. It’s ideal simply because their sole focus and training are on how to properly install auto glass, the proper type your vehicle needs, and shouldn’t you get the best professionals available to take care of your investment?

Brakes Do Break

Some people are excellent at making sure they stay on top of their maintenance while others need constant reminding. Brakes are the one thing that will fall apart no matter what. They simply wear out with use. Maintenance does prolong the life of your brakes so we highly recommend that you stay on top of your maintenance schedule.

What is most interesting is that repairs are dependent on the type of vehicle you are driving. A traditional gas vehicle is going to need brake maintenance every 15,000 miles on average. The electrical vehicle, such as a Tesla, can go longer because it’s a different type of braking system. Aside from the maintenance varying, so do the costs of brake pad repair. In a traditional gas vehicle, you are going to shell out $350-$500 for that kind of work. In a hybrid, you are going to see a price tag of about $200. However, there have been criticisms of some fully electrical vehicles having excessive costs, well over $500, due to the nature of the system.

You Won’t Go Anywhere Without A Drivetrain

If you aren’t sure what a drivetrain is or does, no worries! Simply put, it’s what delivers the power to your driving components. In an automatic transmission, that includes the transmission, torque converter, rear axle, and propeller shaft. In the electric vehicle, the drivetrain is a little bit different. The components are limited to the motor, transmission, and the battery. Hybrids are naturally a bit of both. If you need to repair your drivetrain in a gas vehicle, the cost will vary from as little as $700 to the thousands.

It will depend on if the entire system has to be replaced or if you can replace parts of it. The make, model, and year of your vehicle will also play a role in the cost. When it comes to the electric vehicle, it is significantly higher due to the battery portion of the drivetrain. We have seen quotes in the tens of thousands for some models. However, electric cars come with excellent warranty options that can take care of the first repair for you, should you need it within the next decade.

Why is knowing the repair costs so important? Because you can prepare your savings account well in advance for these repairs that will sneak up on you. Repairs never come when it’s convenient, best to be fully prepared for it to happen at any given moment.

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