Promote Climate Change Solutions and Win a Tesla

In the wake of Father’s Day (June 18 in the United States), you might be inspired to think about what type of legacy fathers would want to leave for their kids and grandkids (or what you’d like your parents to leave for you). Surely that answer would be a safe and secure planet upon which to live, right?

Well, one way we’re going to help mitigate climate change and ensure a safer future for all is with carbon pricing – putting a fee on dirty, polluting fuels to encourage the transition to a clean energy economy. “Putting a price on carbon has the power to catalyze a rapid shift from polluting fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy across the nation. And a clean energy economy means healthy, resilient communities,” says Climate XChange.*

You can make a commitment to climate action by entering the Climate XChange Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle. Not only can you help preserve your legacy as a climate citizen, you could also win a Tesla!

The incredible raffle is hosted by Climate XChange. This great group of folks is working hard to help Massachusetts become a carbon pricing leader – with the hope that the success will inspire and guide other states and nations to offer similar carbon pricing initiatives.

This Climate XChange raffle is a win-win for consumers and for the planet: tickets are just $250 and you could win any of the following:

  • Grand Prize: an awesome Tesla Model S sedan or Model X SUV valued at $120,000 and Climate XChange pays the federal income tax of $40,000 for your prize, so you don’t have to! In other words, the grand prize is worth $160,000.
  • 2nd & 3rd prizes: Climate XChange helps you buy an early Tesla Model 3, with a reservation, deposit, cash, and a federal income tax payment!
  • The 4th place winner will take home $2,000.
  • The 5th place & 6th place winners will each take home $1,000.

And if you’re in the Boston area, you can help more directly. Join Climate XChange and the Campaign for a Clean Energy Future at the carbon pricing hearing on June 20 at the Massachusetts State House (RSVP here). But if you just want to party with the team, you can attend their Tesla Raffle 4th of July Bash (and hear the winner as it’s announced!)

This post is supported by Climate XChange; image from Climate XChange

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