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Electric Vehicle Revolution & Tesla Shuttles Come To Germany & Poland

CleanTechnica’s next Cleantech Revolution Tour is approaching, and it is packed with EV and clean energy leaders from around Europe who are intent on easing the way into a brighter future. Starting in Berlin (Germany) on June 27 (special networking activities), continuing on June 28 in Berlin (panel discussions and presentations), offering shuttle rides from Berlin to […]

May 30th

China Electric Car Sales Keep Soaring — March 2017

Gold & Bronze Win for BAIC The Chinese market had more than 32,000 new electric cars zooming the streets last month, an 89% increase over the same month last year, with the annual growth rate now at 31%. The EV market share is firmly above the 1% barrier, at around 1.4%. As the year proceeds and sales […]

April 23rd

China Electric Car Sales February 2017 — BAIC EC180 Rises To #1

The Chinese market had more than 16,000 new EVs zooming the streets last month, a 55% increase over the same month last year, so it looks like the January standstill is a thing of the past and we are back at business as usual in China’s EV market. With year-to-date sales still 3,000 units behind […]

March 29th

Japan Electric Car Sales Drop As Country Awaits 2nd-Gen EVs

The Japanese electric vehicle market is comprised almost entirely of Japanese auto manufacturers (unsurprisingly), which makes the market an interesting contrast to free-for-all markets like the US. The Nissan LEAF has over the past few years more or less dominated the market. Though, the first-generation Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid (PHEV) had respectable sales as well — which makes the […]

March 9th

China Electric Car Sales September 2016 — BAIC On Top!

This article is also being published on CleanTechnica, the EV Sales blogspot, and our Electric Car Sales page. BAIC Shines The Chinese market had more than 31,000 new EVs zooming the streets in September, with the market remaining flat regarding the previous month, but it was still a 53% increase over the same month last […]

November 1st

Germany Electric Car Sales — July 2016

Germany’s electric vehicle incentives are now in full effect. How has this affected sales of plug-in electric cars in the country? Apparently, not all that much, going by the July 2016 sales estimates for the German market that were just released by the EV Sales blog. Electric car sales in July (as compared to July 2015) were actually […]

August 20th

Electric Vehicle Highlights From Cleantech Revolution Tour Conference

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The initial Cleantech Revolution Tour conference that we held in Berlin was a lot of fun, and the presentations were packed with interesting facts, figures, charts, and jokes. We had a blast, and there’s no way to share all of the conversations, connections, and laughs (which is why I encourage you to […]

June 14th

Tesla Crushing Incumbents In Large Luxury Segment

This is a point that I already highlighted in an article approximately a month ago, “#1 Large Luxury Car In US = Tesla Model S (2015 Sales Comparison).” Now, however, Tesla* has provided us with its official numbers! Our estimates for US Tesla Model S sales were a tad high for both 2014 and 2015, […]

February 10th

Georgia Drives Down Incentives For EVs — Is It Another Murder Attempt On Electric Cars?

How far have we come since the 2006 documentary Who Killed The Electric Car, an astute film nominated for Best Documentary Environmental Media Awards (2006) and many other awards? The film won and was a finalist for several big awards, partly because of how disappointing the turn away from electric cars was. How far have we […]

January 27th

Commercial EV Sales Could Exceed 800,000 By 2023

Sales of electric cars have never been higher, at least among passenger car sales. Commercial vehicle buyers have been much slower to join the EV hype train though, citing high costs and limited range as the main barrier. Despite this, Navigant Research believes that by 2023 commercial plug-in hybrid and EV sales could exceed 800,000 […]

April 30th

EV Sales Grow As Hybrid Sales Sink, But Why?

Auto industry analysts have been parsing the numbers from the first eight months of 2014, and there are lots of reason to be cheery. Yet, for whatever reason, analysts are making a big to-do about a small downtick in total green car sales, despite the fact that EV sales are significantly up compared to the […]

September 10th