Nissan LEAF Sales #1 In UK Small Family Car Sales Growth

Via CleanTechnica:

Nissan LEAF sales in the UK continue growing strongly, despite the fact that a major refresh of the model will likely be released within a year or so. During the month of November, the LEAF was actually the fastest growing model, by sales numbers, in the whole of the UK’s competitive C-segment (small family car segment).

Interestingly, the year-on-year Nissan LEAF sales figure increased in the UK in November by ~115% (as compared to November 2015). That’s quite a big rise considering that many buyers must be aware that a major refresh (with a significantly increased range) is coming soon. I guess that range limitations are much less of an issue in the UK, though, than in some other places (the US certainly included, where the average person drives about twice as much as the average Brit).

The Nissan LEAF remained the best selling all-electric vehicle in the UK during November, with a total segment share of 47.3%. This is up from a segment share of “just” 30.4% in November 2015.

Following behind the Nissan Leaf during November 2016 was the Tesla Model S, with an all-electric segment market share of 19.9%.

Nissan Motors GB’s Edward Jones, EV Manager, commented:

“The economic and environmental benefits of EV ownership are becoming increasingly attractive to drivers and we’re seeing that convert directly into demand for Nissan’s EV models. With driving costs around 85% less than petrol or diesel cars; maintenance around 75% cheaper; free congestion charge and free parking in some cities, not to mention convenient home charging, it’s hardly surprising many are making the switch. …

“As the first manufacturer to introduce a mass-produced electric vehicle, and with more EV sales than any other car brand worldwide, it’s right Nissan should continue to lead the EV charge and further integrate EV technology into the infrastructure and society. With a spike in other manufacturers now getting behind 100% electric power, 2017 could be the year of the electric vehicle.”

There’s a decent possibility that Nissan will be unveiling a new, refreshed version of the LEAF at an upcoming auto show. Once that occurs, it’ll be interesting to see what sales in the UK are like in the period between unveiling and release (which may not be that long, considering the way that the new Renault Zoe was handled).

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