eMotorWerks + EV Meter = JuiceStation

Via CleanTechnica:

To help meet the needs of a growing market, the electric vehicle charging solutions firm eMotorWerks has partnered with the Nayax subsidiary EV Meter for the development of a new Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) platform known as JuiceStation, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession.

This “JuiceStation” platform = affordable, smart grid–enabled EV charging stations with flexible payment options — an underserved need, according to the companies involved.

“Electric car drivers across the US are demanding broad access to EV charging infrastructure. This requires access to reliable EV stations with open payment options, something that the industry has been unable to meet with one complete, easy to use solution. Partnering with eMotorWerks enables us to deliver on EV driver needs while lowering operating costs for fleet managers with a proven, cloud-based solution,” stated Yair Nechmad, owner and CEO of Nayax.

The email sent to CleanTechnica & EV Obsession provides more:

“The dual 40-amp per head charging stations are scheduled for installation throughout 2017 alongside the Nayax deployment of over 30,000 point of sale terminals already located across North America in convenience stores, service stations, and shopping centers. …

“JuiceStation leverages the same core hardware and cloud-based platform of eMotorWerks’ market-leading residential solution (JuiceBox Pro), and offers EV drivers real-time visibility, control, and site-level energy optimizations that reduce charging costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Nayax’s globally-deployed automated machine platform, VPOS Touch (Virtual Point of Sale), will augment the JuiceNet capabilities with cashless payments, cellular communication, remote management, monitoring, and analytics.”

The founder & CEO of eMotorWerks, Valery Miftakhov, commented on the news: “We are delighted to offer the first ever smart-grid enabled public EV charging station. After establishing ourselves as the industry’s leading innovator of advanced residential charging solutions for electric vehicles, it is a natural progression to provide our technology for non-residential charging locations via partnerships such as this one with Nayax.”

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One thought on “eMotorWerks + EV Meter = JuiceStation

  1. This is much smarter and better for the GRID than the outrageous 350 kW Super Fast DC Fast Chargers being proposed. We have to work with the GRID. Some will even have battery storage so that will help the GRID too and keep power flowing in the case of an outage.

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