As Dangerous Heat Becomes Norm in Pacific Northwest, Will Oregon Pass Needed Climate Bills?

Courtesy of Union of Concerned Scientists, The Equation By Kristina Dahl, Senior Climate Scientist Oregon and Washington are bracing for record-breaking heat this weekend. While extreme heat presents dangers no matter where it occurs, early season heat […]

German High Court Rules Delaying Climate Action Harms Youth

Germany’s highest court ruled Thursday that the country’s 2019 climate law unconstitutionally saddles young people with the burden of fighting climate change by “irreversibly offload[ing] major emission reductions burdens onto periods after 2030.” German finance minister […]

BMW Group Invests In Sustainable Steel Production for Its Own Stamping Plants.

+++ New method from Boston Metal to be industrialized in mid-decade +++ BMW Group continuously reducing CO2 emissions in its steel supplier network +++ Focus on secondary material and closed-loop material cycles at BMW Group press […]

City of Richmond, home of California’s Third-Largest Refinery, Embraces a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) 2030 Standard

RICHMOND, CA – Yesterday, the City of Richmond City Council in California boldly embraced a clean future, unanimously backing a resolution to help end California’s reliance on fossil fuels. The vote on the resolution came just […]

Nissan & the Arbor Day Foundation Join Forces to Plant 20,000 Trees in Europe in Celebration of 10 years of Nissan LEAF

Nissan has announced its goal to achieve carbon neutrality across operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050 PARIS/LINCOLN (Feb. 8, 2021) – Nissan, in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, will be setting-up new […]

European CEO Alliance Emphasis Cross-Industry Collaboration to Fight Climate Change

Members agree at first meeting: “We support the EU Green Deal. The climate targets are feasible, with sustainable growth and future-proof jobs ahead” Volkswagen and 11 leading European companies collaborate on decarbonization of economy and society Investments […]

MethaneSAT Completes Critical Design Review, Moves into Production Phase

Sensors and spacecraft exceed mission performance goals; flow of precision measurements will open up new opportunities to track and reduce potent greenhouse emissions Originally published on MethaneSAT (SAN FRANCISCO – September 9 2020) MethaneSAT has reached […]

EU Agrees Historic Recovery Plan but Without Significant Climate Safeguards

No one can deny the historic value of the recovery plan agreed by EU leaders today, green group Transport & Environment (T&E) has said. But despite a welcome reference to the Paris Agreement and climate neutrality, the […]

ESA approves Norwegian Full-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage: up to €2.1bn in aid to meet climate goals

Originally published by EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) The CCS Full-Scale project is a central part of Norway’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and meet the European goal of climate-neutrality by 2050. It is the largest […]

New Study shows Global Temperature Responds slowly to Emissions cuts

Originally published on the CICERO, Center for International Climate Research, By ISELIN EKELI RØNNINGSBAKK CICERO is Norway’s foremost institute for interdisciplinary climate research. Although large emissions cuts are urgently needed if we are to achieve the […]

New Map Shows KXL Pipeline Route, Highlights Risk to Indigenous & Farming Communities

Originally published on the The Indigenous Environmental Network Map can be found here: June 25, 2020 (Bemidji, MN) – The Indigenous Environmental Network, in collaboration with the Climate Alliance Mapping Project and the Keystone XL Mapping […]

Spanish Government Opens €230m Scrappage Scheme to Polluting cars

Originally published on Transport & Environment (T&E) Spain’s government today said its €230 million scrappage scheme for cars could be used to buy polluting combustion engine vehicles.[1] Petrol cars and diesel cars will qualify under Programa “RENOVE […]