5 Reasons The Tesla Model X Could Disrupt The Heck Out Of The SUV Market

Via CleanTechnica. I’ve been planning to write this article for several months. It seems like a perfect time to do so with the following image recently shared on a Chinese Tesla Model X forum, and then […]

SPI Solar Entering Into Agreement To Invest Into Internet-Based EV Rental Service

SPI Solar has agreed to invest RMB30 million (~$4.7 million) into Beijing Yiwei New Energy Technology Development Company, with the aim of supporting that company’s move to offer an electric vehicle (EV) rental service in China, […]

Tesla To Get License Plate Lottery Boost In Beijing

One of the ways that China is trying to prevent pollution and traffic congestion in its big cities is via a limited supply of license plates, and license plate lotteries to get one. However, in the […]