5 Reasons The Tesla Model X Could Disrupt The Heck Out Of The SUV Market

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I’ve been planning to write this article for several months. It seems like a perfect time to do so with the following image recently shared on a Chinese Tesla Model X forum, and then the TMC forum, with the title, “Bio-Defense mode cuts PM2.5 pollutants about 100 fold in Beijing Smog!”

Tesla Model X Smog China

Think for a minute about how big the SUV market in China is set to become, and how important such a feature is to rich buyers there.

With 4,625 Model X delivered in Q2, production ramping up, and Model X deliveries beginning in Europe, we should start seeing a lot more Model X on the roads in the coming months. Will the X flop from here? Or will it disrupt the heck out of the SUV market? (Well, I guess there’s the potential for something in between those two options.)

Tesla Model X side Tesla Model X front


I’m of the firm belief that the Model X will do extremely well and top the premium SUV market. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Clean air. Believe it or not, people don’t want to die young and suffer from cancer because they or others are burnings “fossil fuels” from the dinosaur age. Rich people, surprisingly, are often part of this group. Aside from cutting pollution via a zero-emissions electric vehicle drivetrain, I think that people in the market for a premium SUV in pollution-packed cities from Beijing to London to Los Angeles to (… pick your city) will be eager to benefit from the X’s Bio-Weapon Defense air filter, which is leagues above filters in every non-Tesla production vehicle.
  2. Made for the Passengers. Well, it’s debatable whether the Model X was made for the passengers or made for the drivers, but it is definitely a step above the competition when it comes to rear access and seating. Instead of having to duck and dip, the 0.01% buyers who want to be driven around in a comfy, luxurious vehicle while they chat up their clients and partners can now do so more easily via the falcon-wing doors. Furthermore, with a better 2nd-row seat view out the front thanks to the supersplendulous windshield, and with some nice skylights in the second row as well, the view and lighting is nicer than anything in the class. And if there are more than a few passengers, even the 3rd row isn’t too shabby, especially with the 6-seat configuration — well, that is my opinion after I (~6’1″) sat in the back while the 1st- and second-row seats were set for comfort (but not too much extra space) for two 6’4″ passengers.
  3. Ludicrous, seriously. It’s pretty ridiculous when a 7-seat SUV is quicker than most sports cars on the market (0–100 km/h in 3.2 seconds!!). It’s just ludicrous. Try to name a car that is quicker than a top-of-the-line Model X, and if you can, then go compare utility, passenger seating and space, and overall comfort of that car versus a Model X. There’s just nothing that competes in performance + comfort/utility.
  4. Autopilot. Need I say more? Despite the recent Autopilot accident (which we knew was coming before too long), Tesla’s Autopilot features are the best on the market, and they are highly coveted. No other SUV on the market, of course, matches what Model X Autopilot can deliver.
  5. The doors, man, the doors. I know, I know — there’s enough debate on the falcon-wing doors to fill a series of encyclopedias (okay, maybe not that much), but I’m standing by my assumptions that the doors 1) are much more convenient, especially for people with babies, toddlers, and/or young kids; 2) the doors give it the “sex appeal” that so many SUVs and minivans lack; and 3) the doors will quickly grab eyeballs in parking lots around the world, which will lead to questions from people who have never heard of Tesla, which will lead to shock at how awesome the X is, which will lead to a lot more buyers. That’s my thesis, and I’m sticking to it.


Think I’m missing something? Think I’m off my rocker? Chime in below to carry on the conversation.


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Tesla Model X photos by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica | EV Obsession

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons The Tesla Model X Could Disrupt The Heck Out Of The SUV Market

  1. Adding a second car as an SUV in many two car garages is a tough proposition. However the auto parking of the model X makes it quite doable. Given the Gull Wing doors and the size of the model X we had thought we might have to redo our garage, but the auto parking just works fine. We get out of the car before we go into the garage, and let the car do the rest.

  2. Nice article Zach. I think the X is great, but those falcon wing doors will probably keep me from ever buying one and drive me into an S instead. Are the ridiculously cool? Absolutely. But the part of my brain that worries about the future can’t help but wonder, how many different motors, sensors, and hinges go into those doors and how long before one or more of them fails? Then, how much will it cost to replace those parts when they do fail? Regular doors basically never fail, but the falcon wing doors have so many additional parts the chances of at least one failure during the normal life expectancy of the car seem pretty good. If I could get an X with normally operating rear doors and a second row bench seat that folds flat for maximum cargo space when needed, I would be a happy camper.

    BTW, how did you get a picture of Mr. Kotter and his grandson with that Model X? πŸ™‚

  3. The first surprise I had when taking delivery of the model X, was that it had better acceleration than our Model S. It is kind of unreal that my SUV crossover would out accelerate my sedan, both being Teslas. I didn’t get the insane or ludicrous acceleration, just the base model. I’m guessing the difference in acceleration is having the second motor in the crossover.

  4. Speaking of acceleration, is there any 6 or 7 passenger SUV that can out accelerate the base Model X?

  5. I think all the negative stories about the Model X start-up problems have done a lot of harm to the initial enthusiasm. It will take time to overcome them and repair its reputation.

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