1st Tesla Model X Deliveries In Europe Landed In Denmark

Tesla’s first Model X deliveries to Denmark (3 Founders’ models, and 2 Signature models) were officially made at a rather nice looking Tesla-hosted event in the Northern European country, going by recent reports.

A commenter by the name of “SQLCPH” on the Tesla Motors Club forum was nice enough to post some pictures and information about the June 23rd event — a date which means that Tesla just managed to make the deadline for delivery within Quarter 2.

Model X Delivery in Denmark from Thomas Fals on Vimeo.

As noted in the comment, it appears that the event was held near the Queen’s Palace and the Royal Opera House. “Tesla held a fantastic event for us (3 Founder by referral and 2 Signature) — thank you, Tesla. I was speechless for days after this event and is just now beginning to realize how great this car is. Absolutely fantastic look and build quality. It is for sure creating a lot of fuss on the streets πŸ™‚ Below you can find some pictures from the event and a little movie made by one of our friends.”

Here are some images of the event (in addition to the above posted video):

Tesla Model X Denmark

Tesla model x Denmark

Model x event Denmark

Via CleanTechnica

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