Tesla Model X’s Ultra White Seats Put To The Test (Video)

We’ve previously covered Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s public assertion that the best seat option for the Model X is the “Ultra White synthetic leather” option, especially for those with kids. Why? Musk himself noted that they performed the best during in-house stain tests.

Do we have to take his word on that count? Of course not, but how many of us own one of Tesla’s (quite expensive) Model X SUVs? Thankfully, one of those who do own a Model X recently posted a video of her own tests. Here it is:

In its coverage, Teslarati provided some background on the video: “One brave Tesla Model X family took to video to show just how stain-proof the white seats can be by putting it through a stain test. Armed with coffee, ketchup and a child’s juice box, the hosts behind the Like Tesla YouTube channel pour each of the substances onto the white seats (not for the faint of heart). According to Tesla’s Model X design configurator, the Ultra White interior costs an additional $2,500 and is covered with a stain resistant coating.”

While coffee, ketchup, and fruit juice are indeed potential issues for Model X owners with kids, there are of course a great many other potential stain-creators that kids bring around with them. I’d be curious to see how the seats fare against some of those things — blood, grass stains, waste products, vomit, paint, etc. I suppose much of this depends on how “mischievous” one’s children are.

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