2017 China electric bus round up: Shenzhen officially goes fully electric, electric BRT buses, Double Decker electric buses and 40 more stories

2017 China electric bus round up:

Here’s a new roundup article of China’s electric bus development focusing on announcements of electric bus deployment, technical information, financial/political information, and general important green transportation news. If possible, I will make this a monthly update in 2018.

This basically carries on (after much delay) from a February 2017 story: “China Electric Bus Sales Still Exploding.”

For comparison against these Chinese electric bus announcements, I provide a few announcements from CleanTechnica from Europe and America, to provide context.

Harrogate Bus Company (UK) Orders 8 All-Electric Volvo Buses

Volvo’s Largest Electric Bus Order — 25 Volvo Electric Buses Ordered By Trondheim, Norway

Irizar Awarded Contract For Madrid’s First 15 Twelve-Meter Electric Buses

13 Volvo Electric Buses To Enter Service In Malmö

Kansas City Airport Gets 4 All-Electric BYD Buses


First Batch of 438 Pure Electric Buses for Huangpu will be Fully Operational
“The first batch of 438 pure electric vehicles will be launched in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone. The new intelligent bus shelter in the area will be unveiled at the same time.”

CRRC Delivers 272 Electric City Buses to Shaoyang
“On December 15, a ceremony was held to mark the official delivery of 272 electric city buses made by CRRC to their customers in Shaoyang. So far, over 400 CRRC electric city buses have been put into service in the city. Statistics show that each CRRC electric city bus helps the company cut its fuel costs by 68%, maintenance costs by 50%. Each year, CRRC electric bus fleet will help the bus operator save 2.6 million RMB in fuel costs and 0.5 million RMB in maintenance costs.”

Time and again we see the financial benefits of electric transport for individual and fleet owners.

Ankai Secures an Order of 400 City Buses from Hefei Public Transport
“On December 13, Ankai announced that it secured an order of 400 city buses with a total value of 680,000 million RMB from Hefei Public Transport. In August this year, Ankai supplied 400 clean energy city buses with a total value of 530 million RMB to Hefei Public Transport, including 160 clean energy–powered buses and 240 electric buses.”

Hefei’s fleet of electric buses is impossible to ignore as you travel around the city. The quiet and comfortable ride is something I have personally experienced.

Self-Diving Buses Begin Trial Operation in Shenzhen
“Four self-driving buses began trial operations Saturday in south China’s Shenzhen, a city known for its high concentration of hi-tech companies. The project was jointly developed by the National Intelligent Transport Systems Center of Engineering and Technology and Shenzhen Bus Group.”


The bus is from Ankai, but I noticed an odd detail in the next picture. Observe the vehicle on the digital tablet. Does it look familiar?



In Luohe, Henan 200 Pure Electric Buses Put into Service
“‘The extensive use of new energy buses not only protect the ecological environment of  Luohe City, but also meet the requirements of building a national health city and a civilized city, but also can effectively reduce the cost of vehicles,’ Gao Jizhou, director of Transportation Bureau of Luohe City, told reporters”

Line of buses

Hengyang, Hunan: 400 BYD New Energy Buses will be Put into Operation Soon
“Recently, the reporters learned from Hengyang City Commission by letter that 400 BYD new energy buses will debut in Hengyang. They are expected to arrive in early December 2017. In line with this, Hengyang City plans to build three phases of new energy pure electric charging stations.”

Foshan Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Will Have 200 New Pure Electric Buses by the End of 2017 and Plans to Transition to Fully Electric Fleet by 2020.
“By the end of 2017, Foshan Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, will be replacing buses with 200 new energy buses, all of which are pure electric buses. According to the introduction of Chancheng Traffic Department, the company is fully implementing the permanent site selection of a number of bus hubs and accelerating the matching of charging stations so as to put into use the pure electric bus capable of saving energy and environmental protection as soon as possible. According to Foshan City’s 2017 bus uplift plan, starting from this year, all the new and updated buses in our city will be pure electric buses.”

According to the plan, by the end of 2018, Chancheng District will complete the phaseout of all diesel buses. In 2020, Chancheng District will complete the phaseout of all LNG buses, switching to 100% use of pure electric buses.

China is not aiming to stop electrification of its fleet anytime soon, in the coming year, we will see cities, towns and metro areas convent to 100% electric.

Fuzhou Plans to Replace 1622 Traditionally Fuelled Buses with New Energy Buses by 2020 in a Phased Transition. (1 2)
“In order to encourage new energy vehicles to be the first to be popularized and applied in the public transportation industry, the ‘Fuzhou New Energy Bus Replacement Plan’ has been approved by the municipal government and lists the timetable for the renewal of new energy buses.”

Tangshan will Add 45 Pure Electric New Energy Buses, and Clean Energy Buses Accounted for 90% of the Fleet
“Reporters learned from the Tangshan Public Transport Corporation, a few days ago, regarding the city’s newly purchased 45 pure electric buses, the first batch of 24 has been put into operation. Up to now, the city has purchased 541 new energy vehicles (including pure electric, gas-electric hybrid, and hybrid) and 1402 natural gas-powered clean energy vehicles. New energy and clean energy vehicles in the proportion of buses in Tangshan has reached 90%.

Guang’an First Batch of 75 Pure Electric Buses Officially Launched in Trial Operation
“On October 29, the first batch of 75 BYD pure electric buses in Guang’an officially went into trial operation. One of the vehicles, the ‘White Blue Skirt,’ and the electric bus with the words ‘Hometown of Xiaoping’ printed on the body, became a beautiful landscape in the urban area.

“‘Compared with the traditional gasoline and LNG natural gas buses, the operating cost of a pure electric bus has dropped by more than half.’ Yang Kai Xu told reporters that the K8A new energy pure electric bus uses a lightweight body structure design and is equipped with high-capacity, high-safety iron batteries, equipped with intelligent key system, regenerative braking, and wheel drive technology, with a large power reserve, three electrical performance, smooth operation, ride comfort, noise-free, zero emission, pollution-free, high safety performance.”

BYD electric bus


18 meter pure electric BRT buses operating in Beijing
“This is the first batch of new energy buses delivered by Yinlong New Energy to Beijing Public Transport Company. It has a positive effect on improving the operational efficiency of public transport in Beijing and alleviating the traffic pressure during rush hour in the city. (1 & 2) ”

Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Lands Big Order for E-Buses for Beijing Chang’an Avenue Route

Electric BRT buses are a great addition to China’s electric bus fleet as more cities create BRT systems, I hope to hear more news in 2018.

Beijing: By end of the 2017 New energy buses account for 65% of the fleet.
“By the end of this year, the Beijing Public Transport Group will complete the renovation of more than 4,500 electric buses. By then, the proportion of new energy vehicles will reach 65%.”

Yang Xinzheng, Ministry of Communications: By 2020, 600,000 new energy buses will account for half of the new energy vehicles in the transportation industry.
“October 18, 2017 (sixth) China Internet + on the development of new energy Automotive Industry Forum, Yang Xin, director of Urban Transportation Research Center of Transportation and Orbital Sciences Institute of the Ministry of Transport signs do title As the report of “Achievements and Prospects of Popularisation and Application of New Energy Vehicles in China “, from the aspects of popularising and applying the policy environment of new energy buses, the application of new energy buses and the future prospect of popularising and applying new energy buses, Industry promotion and application of the overall situation.”

5 car companies won the 914 electric buses in Qingdao total order amount of nearly 900 million yuan
“Electric Vehicle Resource Network learned that Qingdao City, September 5 release 2017 urban bus renewal project tender notice, plans to update 914 new energy buses, models include 12 m pure electric buses , 10.5 m pure electric bus 8.5 meters pure electric bus, 6.6 meters pure electric bus. The latest news shows that the results of the tender has been out of BYD , Zhongtong Bus, China Times, Yutong Bus, Xiamen Golden Tour 5 companies won this 914 pure electric bus purchase orders.”

Typically in China the local bus company wins the contract so seeing multiple companies win a contract process might mean more real competition in the Chinese fleet market.


Chongming, purchase another 220 electric buses are expected to reach complete coverage in 2020
“By the end of the year, ‘green bus’ will account for 50% of the total number of buses in Chongming. According to the relevant planning, it is estimated that by 2020, Chongming will realise the complete coverage of ‘green bus’.”

Charging a electric bus

Suzhou Municipality, 2346 Passenger older fossil fuelled vehicles have been phased out and 1366 new energy buses have been put into service
“According to the transportation department of Suzhou Municipality, as of August 30, 2346 passenger yellow mark vehicles in downtown Suzhou (excluding Wujiang) were all eliminated, of which 455 were eliminated in 2017, completing the 3-year plan ahead of schedule.

“Since 2015, yellow mark passenger car have been scrapped, the city transport management office also led the company to update the investment of 1366 new energy buses, accounting for one-third of the total number of buses currently in operation in the city.


Nanjing 32 new energy buses to participate in “road test”
“Reporters learned from Nanjing Bus Group, at present, from Nanjing 4 companies 32 new energy buses officially on the road test. Soon, citizens can take these new cars.”

Heze, Shandong Province to promote new urban bus energy, this year will buy 100 electric buses, the number of new energy buses in urban areas reached 770, accounting for 89% of the fleet.
“Recently, Heze City, Shandong Bureau of Transportation said the city Department of Transportation has formulated “on strengthening the city’s rural road environmental protection notice” to prevent rural road water pollution, and actively promote the city bus new energy, this year will also purchase 100 electric bus.

“In actively promoting new urbanisation of urban buses, since 2013, the municipal government has earmarked special financial funds for 4 consecutive years and purchased 660 new energy buses. The number of new energy buses in urban areas reached 770, accounting for 89 %. 2017 will also purchase 100 electric buses.”


Shenyang: Plan to scrap more than 2,300 diesel buses, updated them to electric buses
“Shenyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau recently announced that in the next two years, the existing 2,300 diesel buses in Shenyang will all be ‘laid-off’ and be updated to be electric eco-friendly buses.”

a electric bus

2,300 diesel buses getting replaced, big numbers from China.


Shenzhen bus group completes electrification of its bus fleet.
“On the 15th June with the completion of the pure electric renewal of 5698 buses in 364 bus lines, Shenzhen showed the ability for 100% electric bus fleets. Shenzhen Bus Group became the first large-scale electric bus company in the country.”

Related: 100% Electric Bus Fleet For Shenzhen (Population 11.9 Million) By End Of 2017

long line of electric buses


Bengbu will purchase 500 pure electric buses will be put into use in June
“Reporter learned from the Bengbu City Public Transport Group that recently, the Public Transport Group and BYD signed a contract to purchase 500 pure electric bus purchase frameworks. This means that the city will purchase 500 new buses and new energy vehicles to further promote green energy to protect the blue sky and white clouds. The 500 pure electric buses will be put into use in June. By then, pure electric bus coverage will reach 42.4% of all operating vehicles.”

Shenzhen 44 bus lines 979 cars have all pure electric
“On the morning of May 17, the fourth branch of Shenzhen Bus Group ‘to promote the quality of low-carbon public transport in Shenzhen,’ the full realization of electric bus ceremony was held officially announced the company’s 44 lines 979 vehicles fully operational Bus Daba pure Electricization.”


126 new energy (Hybrid) buses in Luan put into operation
“In order to further popularise the popularisation and application of new energy vehicles, with the support of the Municipal Transportation Bureau and the municipal people’s congress, municipal government and municipal CPPCC, the newly purchased 126 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with new energy From April 11 to April 13, 2017, the car has been put into operation in downtown bus lines.”

Xiamen  deploys 500 buses by the end of July, which 200 are pure electric
“500 buses were updated and put into operation by the end of July, of which over 200 were pure electric buses.”

Shandong Province: Huangdao District, adding 100 new energy buses officially on the 10th operation
“April 10, Huangdao District again put 100 new energy buses, and officially run on the road. As these vehicles are put into operation, the delivery of the West Coast Cozy Bus Company will own 667 bus operation vehicles, 524 clean energy and new energy buses, accounting for 78.6% of the total number of bus operation vehicles and the green public transportation system Construction, ambient air quality continued to improve, the city’s image to improve rapidly.”

Lined up electric buses

Qingdao: Add 837 new energy bus to encourage citizens to travel to transfer
“According to Zhao Haibin introduction, ‘Bus Group currently a total of more than 4,300 urban vehicles, new energy vehicles accounted for more than 70%. 2017 Bus Group plans to update the vehicle 837, all new energy vehicles, including more than 700 pure electric vehicles and near One hundred double source trolley bus.’ After the update, the bus group will be the only electric car to reach more than 1300, is the largest number of pure electric vehicles in Shandong Province, the public transport sector. Put into use of these new energy vehicles, will truly ‘zero emissions’, not only purifying the island city environment, but also for the citizens to travel more comfortable conditions for travel.”


Huangshi Hongtai receives first batch of new energy electric bus, a total of 100 units
“On the 20th, Huangshi Hongtai Public Bus Co., Ltd. will be 10 Road, 30 bus to replace all pure electric buses. This marks the first batch of Yellowstone electric bus running on the road.”

Beijing bus add another 70 double-decker electric buses
“March 28, starting from the Yongding Gate Coach Station Special 12 inner and outer ring original diesel double-decker buses will be replaced by one after another all- electric double-decker bus.”

Double Decker electric bus

Electric double decker buses are more rare in fleets but they do exist. Hopefully they paint them red and get some to London soon.

New 150 new energy buses in Haikou are expected to achieve full coverage by the end of the year
“Reporters from Haikou City traffic PMB noted that the current Haikou City has achieved cruising taxi clean energy vehicles accounted for 100% of the target, the bus clean energy vehicles accounted for 100% of the work is on schedule to accelerate, March 24 Day, 150 new energy bus delivery operations are expected by the end of this year to achieve full coverage of new energy vehicles public transport 100% full target.”

Hunan Pingjiang: 50 new electric pure electric buses put into operation
“On February 28, the first ritual of green electric buses was held in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. The first batch of 50 new electric pure electric buses in Yueyang was officially put into operation.”


Wuxue 40 new energy buses officially put into operation supporting charging station
“Recently, 40 new-energy pure electric vehicles newly purchased with a total investment of 23 million yuan were officially put into operation. In the meantime, the public are also given real enjoyment in giving priority to the development of public transport while enhancing the city’s energy-saving and environmental protection.”

Penglai City, 140 pure electric buses will be put into operation one after another
“Penglai City Public Transport Co., Ltd. has won over 80 million yuan of state policy and 140 sets of new energy buses to further improve the passenger service of Penglai City. Citizens can enjoy more comfortable and green services when they travel.”

Qufu City, the new acquisition of 50 electric buses into operation electric bus coverage of 60%
“With the commissioning of 50 new energy electric buses, the number of buses in Qufu reached 287, including 170 for pure electric buses, 34 for LNG buses and 77 for CNG buses, achieving 100% clean energy bus and electric bus Coverage of 60%, according to statistics, the use of electric buses can save fuel consumption per kilometer 0.2 liters, saving 0.94 yuan, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reduce air pollution.”

Pingyao 76 new energy buses put into operation
“February 5, Pingyao County, the first batch of 76 new electric pure electric buses into operation.”

Hezhou deploy 190 pure electric bus to achieve all the new energy
“Recently, 190 new purely electric buses purchased by Hezhou City were formally delivered to operation. Coupled with the pure electric buses that were commissioned before, all 14 bus lines in the city were completely re-energized. The new energy bus to replace the traditional power bus in the past, become the first pure in our region electric bus city.”

Kaifeng: 610 pure electric buses will be put into operation one after another
“On the afternoon of February 3, the kick-off ceremony of 610 new energy pure electric bus operations cum ‘bus city’ in Kaifeng City was held at Songcheng Road Station.”


40 pure electric buses put into operation opened a new chapter in Yangshan Transportation
“Recently, Yangshan County held a new energy pure electric bus into operation start-up ceremony, 40 new electric pure electric buses officially put into use, the first in the city to implement the new energy pure electric buses.”

electric bus

184 bus lines in Dalian this year will be replaced by green bus will add 1,200 units
“January 18, the reporter learned from the Dalian Bureau of Transportation that Dalian will update 1,200 buses this year, all for clean energy vehicles. At this point, all buses in Dalian will be clean and energy-efficient, and the bus green index leads the whole country.”

Fujian before the Spring Festival put 276 electric buses
“Fuzhou Minyun Bus Company will make a big move again before the Spring Festival, and 276 electric buses are planned to be put into use. … Together with the new batch put before the Spring Festival, the Fuzhou Minyun bus fleet will reach 400 new electric pure electric vehicles.”

959 buses in Baoding Old Town of Hebei Province have all been upgraded to new energy vehicles
“Reporters on the 11th from Hebei Province Baoding City bus company was informed that, as of now, the old city of Baoding area 959 buses have been upgraded to the new energy vehicles.

“A responsible official of the bus company in Baoding told reporters that they have 959 buses for public use, including 661 pure electric buses and 298 hybrid electric buses, and 64 routes operated by old urban areas have achieved new energy vehicles 100% full coverage, which will help to improve the local area’s atmospheric environment.”

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