Tesla To Get License Plate Lottery Boost In Beijing

One of the ways that China is trying to prevent pollution and traffic congestion in its big cities is via a limited supply of license plates, and license plate lotteries to get one. However, in the interest of encouraging electric vehicle adoption, some electric vehicles have been dished into a “softer” lottery. But that hasn’t applied to Tesla… until now.


While ~1% of people in Beijing trying to get a gasoline or diesel car are able to get a license plate, ~38% of people trying to get a “new energy vehicle” have been able to get one.

So, theoretically, with Tesla’s opportunity much better in Beijing now, we can expect to see a bit of an uptick in sales there.

However, TeslaMondo notes that Tesla still doesn’t get any government subsidies, while Chinese companies like BYD do.

Image by Hanergy

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