Tesla Model X Design Studio Images & Specs Leaked

Note: This article has been updated several times since publishing in order to add more images on the bottom. And I will keep updating it as more come in.

We’re all crazy about Tesla Model X spy shots (see here, here, and here) as we wait for the big unveiling. However, Elon Musk previously stated that the design studio for the Model X would be live by the end of August… and the end of August is over, but I can’t see any design studio. Ah, but I’m not a Signature model reservation holder!

As it did with the Model S, Tesla has opened the website design studio up to Signature reservation holders before the rest. How do we know this for sure? A Norwegian reservation holder, Satheesh Varadharajan, dropped some screenshots in the Tesla Owners Club of Norway Facebook page (h/t Fred Lambert). Have a gander:

Satheesh Varadharajan model x
Tesla Model X design studio 1

Here’s a shot of the options you can put on a Model X:

Tesla Model X design studio 2

Note that Norwegian prices are different from US prices, since they include greater shipping costs. A new Tesla Model S owner in Norway posted a similar screenshot of his P85D and it came to over $144,000, so the prices for the Model X seem to be more or less the same, considering that a fully loaded Model X comes to ~$144,000.

By the way, if you’re a little jealous of the Signature Model X reservation holders, remember that they had to drop $40,000 instead of the $5,000 most reservation holders had to put down. “Everything comes with a price,” some people say.

Some interesting stats are that the Model X P90D will have:

  • 240 miles of range
  • A 0–60 mph time of 3.8 seconds, or 3.2 seconds with Ludicrous mode (making this the quickest SUV/CUV in history, I believe)
  • A top speed of 155 mph

The tow package adds $750, the subzero weather package adds $1,000, and Ludicrous Mode adds $10,000 (just like on the Model S).

Since you made it to the end, here are a few more shots from the design studio from the TMC forum:

model x 7

model x 5

White Interior X

Model X Signature 3

Model X Signature 2

Model X Signature 1

Model X Signature 6

Model X Signature 5

Model X Signature 4

Model X White

Model X Specs

Model X seats 2

Model X seats 1

21 thoughts on “Tesla Model X Design Studio Images & Specs Leaked

      1. Yes, but they could have placed a bigger pack. The design is also a bit dull. I was expecting more from the Model X, and I think the shares will drop when the investors will see this. Hope I’m wrong though! (or hope I’m right and I can buy some cheap shares…)

        1. Ha, yeah, I’m trying to decide when to buy more shares and am leaning toward later this year, but am afraid some cool stuff from the X will excited people and the stock price will bump up. Still thinking…

          1. 4% is a hiccup for TSLA. It fluctuates more than that every time the wind blows. Its going to be volatile stock for a while.

          2. The front faux grille is definitely an improvement compared to the prototype’s more ovoid design.

        2. IMO, they must have used the bigger pack just to get this range performance already. Its not the 70 kwhr pack. Its the 85 or 90 at least.

          1. **I don’t know that they will even offer it.**

            They will offer the 70 pack so that the majority of owners who go for the 90 pack will think “yeah, I’ve got the premium option.” Psychology 101. Most people don’t buy the base model.

        3. A bigger pack for the launch? That would be a bad marketing move in the long term.
          Sure it would satisfy some of the bolder expectations…. but wouldn’t leave room for improvement later.

          Tesla will come out with a 100 kwh pack soon enough, and they will use it to sustain interest when demand would normally taper off.

          Right now… this SUV/CUV is going to be breaking plenty of performance records as it is. It is ill advised to give too much too soon… or it would also cannibalize other models.

          1. You are probably right about the marketing part. It’s just that for $144k I was expecting longer range (the dynamics are out of the world though). Also the dash seems to be the same one big screen type like in the Model S. While the screen is nice, the dashboard in Model S was designed this way because it saved a fortune on proper design. Now in a car costing as much top notch competition it looks plain (at least from the screenshots above). I’m electric car fan, but I’m not blind when it comes to interior design.

          2. Yeah, so why would Tesla want to increase the price further than the already high signature series price? They set the price to the demand. Too high, and they won’t sell enough.

  1. Not too sure about the design, hopefully the 90D will have more range than that. Pretty sure that’s the P90D range.

    1. A Model S 90D has plenty of space. Unless you need to be transporting more than 5 people I don’t see the attraction of an SUV. Some people like the higher seating and the higher line-of-sight. The inferior range will not be important for people who don’t do a lot of long distance travel. Bjorn Nyland is a range junky because he travels all over Europe, and does Nimber courier work. So if he wins a Model X (this seems likely) he is going to be annoyed by the drop in range.

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