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Ube Industries Expanding Lithium-Ion Battery Separator Production Capacity

In order to meet growing demand from the automotive industry, Ube Industries will be expanding its lithium-ion battery separator production capacity at its Sakai Factory (Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture), which supports the production of Toyota Prius batteries. The expansion project, which will take place after current production expansion construction finishes, is expected to be completed by […]

October 6th

SUVs & CUVs So Popular, But So Hard To Find An Electric Model…

Originally published on Gas2. Sales of crossovers are strong. Sales of sedans are weak and getting weaker. In markets all around the world, customers want crossovers and SUVs. So why are so many automakers concentrating their green car efforts on the segment of the market that has the lowest sales? Blame it on the Toyota […]

May 19th

7 Cool Electric Vehicle Charts From POD Point

As noted in this article, I recently interviewed the CEO and founder of POD Point, Erik Fairbairn. POD Point is the top supplier of EV charging equipment in the UK, so it has quite a bit of useful data on hand. Following our interview, Erik passed along an interesting infographic, and I thought it would be fun […]

March 19th

Top Electric Car Models & Top Electric Car Companies

In our 4th article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — I’m jumping into which electric car models respondents were most likely to buy and most excited, as well as some implications regarding certain car companies. Without surprise, current EV ownership matched historical EV sales fairly well — 33.9% […]

January 26th

Chevy Volt Attack Ads — Oy Vey

Via Gas2: The second-generation Chevy Volt is a quantum leap forward from the original. Chevrolet can be justly proud of the engineering and technical achievements that make the car lighter and more responsive while giving it more range. It even managed to cut the price $1,000 in the process. But instead of trumpeting all the good […]

October 3rd

Electrifying Transport

I was honored to moderate an excellent panel on the topic of “Electrifying Transport” at the recent Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum in Vancouver, Canada. I’ll write articles about each of the presentations from that panel in the coming days, but to kick things off, below is my presentation, which focuses on the #1 barrier […]

August 24th

Nissan LEAF Used Is Cheaper Than Toyota Prius Used

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Brain Kent — who is on a 100-day, 48-state negative-carbon road trip in his Nissan LEAF — recently dropped an epic comment on an article we published about used Nissan LEAF prices. It deserves a lot more eyeballs, so I’m reposting it below (with only the most minor of edits). By Brian Kent […]

July 25th

Why Toyota Fails On The Electric Car Revolution Test

Originally published on Gas2. I’ve been planning to write this article for months. Maybe a year? Toyota has been perhaps the most anti-EV mass-market car company out there by some standards (perhaps excluding Fiat due to Sergio Marchionne). As I noted yesterday, its foray into plug-in electric cars was essentially the lamest of all, bringing a Prius Plug-in to […]

July 22nd

US Electric Car Sales & Other Info In Charts & Graphs

Originally published on Gas2. I’m generally not a fan of infographics — they often pack a little bit of information into a maze of colors. However, I think the one below is super interesting. It uses what us old-schoolers call “charts” and “graphs,” and it uses them to paint a really succinct and interesting picture of […]

July 18th

Nissan LEAF Breaks November EV Sales Record

To no one’s surprise, the Nissan LEAF led US electric car sales in November, with a total of 2,687 sales. It commanded ⅓ of the electric car market in November (excluding Tesla, of course, since we don’t have Tesla numbers and “estimating” them is now just a big guessing game). Nissan also set a new November electric […]

December 4th

Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, & BMW i3 Dominate Plug-in Car Sales in October

Time for another electric car sales report. As you can see in the charts and table below, the Nissan LEAF again led electric car sales in the United States. The Chevy Volt took its routine second position, and the BMW i3 came in third… from available electric car sales data. As I stated last month, […]

November 5th

US Electric Vehicle Sales Update (September EV Sales)

Above are four charts you can toggle between. You can see that Tesla Model S (and Fiat 500e) sales are absent. Unfortunately, Tesla and Fiat don’t report their month sales. With Tesla now delivering vehicles to Europe, China, and Japan, and only reporting total sales each quarter, it is really too much of a guessing […]

October 5th

Nissan LEAF Lands Largest Sales Month Ever (EV Sales Report)

The Nissan LEAF has been crushing it this year in sales. It is far-and-away the leader in electric car sales for the year to date, sitting at 16,853 compared to the Chevy Volt’s 11,598 and the Toyota Prius Plug-in’s 9,748. August marked a record month for the Nissan LEAF. With 3,186 cars sold, it enjoyed […]

September 5th

Nissan Leaf & Ford Continue Their Strong Year (July US Sales Update)

July was a momentous month for Mercedes and me. Mercedes saw the US birth of its first electric vehicle, the Mercedes B Class Electric, and my little girl was born. With this being a monthly electric vehicle sales update, there’s not much more to say about either one here. The Mercedes B Class Electric just […]

August 5th

2016 Toyota Prius Plug-In To Get Wireless Charging

Originally posted on Gas2 Toyota had previously announced that it was testing Massachusetts-based WiTriCity’s wireless charging system on the Prius Plug-In, and those tests apparently went well. Plug-In Cars reports that the WiTriCity wireless charging system will be offered as an option on the next Toyota Prius Plug-In, due out in the fall of 2016. The […]

Nissan Leaf Stays On Top, Ford Fusion Energi Close Behind (US June EV Sales)

Once upon a time, the US electrified vehicle (EV) sales rivalry was between the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. Now, it seems the Ford Fusion Energi has taken the Volt’s place, but the Nissan Leaf is still clearly on top. Of course, it’s not really clear with the Volt or the Tesla Model S how […]

July 3rd