Chevy Volt Tops Canada Electrified Car Sales (Charts)

First off, it’s important to note that not all manufacturers supply monthly model sales data in Canada. To be specific, Ford doesn’t. So, the numbers below exclude sales of the Ford Fusion Energi, Ford C-Max Energi, and Ford Focus Electric. Also, the Model S numbers are estimates.

From the limited numbers we have, the Chevy Volt is clearly #1, the Nissan LEAF #2, and the Tesla Model S #3.

Here are static versions of the interactive charts above:

Canada EV Sales March 2014 Canada EV Sales March 2014 YTD

5 thoughts on “Chevy Volt Tops Canada Electrified Car Sales (Charts)

  1. I have a leaf in Québec . Here with the hard winters and a small ev network for chagrin (for now) .The volt is still the best option , even if it runs on gas at -12 c , so nine months of the year you have an ev , 3 months a gas guzzler , as for the leaf 9 months a normal car , 3 months of 45 miles range than back 80 mliles for nine months. It not hard to live with , in my book it’s a good start!

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