Tesla Model S Tops Denmark Electrified Car Registrations (Charts)

Denmark electrified car (EV) registrations reached 141 in March, nearly as many as in January and February combined. With such a small number of sales (Denmark isn’t a super populated country, remember), there isn’t a whole lot to report. The Tesla Model S was the clear leader in March (79 registrations compared to the Nissan LEAF’s 27), but is just 5 cars ahead of the Nissan LEAF for the year to date (111 vs 106). The Renault Zoe was #3 in March with 19 registrations (above the VW e-Up!’s 15 sales), but it has 10 fewer registrations than the VW e-Up! for the year to date (30 vs 40). After these top four electrified car models, it’s a real trickle.

Here are two static images of the charts above:

Denmark EV Sales March 2014 Denmark EV Sales March 2014 YTD

Source: bilimp.dk

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