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BYD Partnering With Canadian Province Of Alberta For Development Of “Smarter, Safer Transit Buses”

The Canadian province of Alberta is partnering with the world’s leading all-electric bus firm, BYD, for the development of “smarter, safer transit buses,” according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession. The new framework agreement seems to be a serious one, as it was actually signed in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister […]

September 6th

Ontario’s Rumored Climate Change Plan Revealed — Substantial EV Incentives Beginning In 2017

We previously covered news of Ontario’s rumored $8.3 billion climate change plan, one which features substantial incentives for electric vehicle buyers and owners. It seems that our earlier coverage of the plan was accurate, as the version of the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan revealed a few days ago was actually quite similar to the […]

June 12th

2016 Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Nominations Now Open

The nominations process for the 2016 Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards has now opened, according to an email sent by the Canadian Electricity Association and Plug’n Drive to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession. The 2016 Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards includes 3 different awards categories for leadership in electric vehicle (EV) sales — Leading Battery Electric […]

June 12th

Renault Twizy EV Makes It To Canadian Market

The Renault Twizy will be hitting the Canadian market this summer, following certification by Transport Canada, according to a new press release. The Canadian Renault Twizy — the Twizy 40 — is outfitted with a Type-1 charging cable and side reflectors, according to the press release. The company’s local partner, AZRA Canada, will begin selling […]

March 23rd

7 Cool Electric Vehicle Charts From POD Point

As noted in this article, I recently interviewed the CEO and founder of POD Point, Erik Fairbairn. POD Point is the top supplier of EV charging equipment in the UK, so it has quite a bit of useful data on hand. Following our interview, Erik passed along an interesting infographic, and I thought it would be fun […]

March 19th

BYD Gets 1st Electric Bus Order In Canada

BYD continues its push towards dominance of the electrified vehicle market with its first electric bus contract in Canada. The municipality of St. Albert has locked in a contract for a fleet of new 35′ BYD K9 electric buses (concept pictured below) to round up the locals and haul them around town. This is an exciting development for BYD and […]

March 9th

British Columbia Now Allowing EVs To Use HOV Lanes Regardless Of Number Of Passengers

Electric vehicle owners in the Canadian province of British Columbia will now be able to use high-occupancy vehicle lanes (carpool lanes) regardless of the number of passengers in the car, following a recent decision by the authorities there. There’s apparently a caveat, though, that this only applies so long as there isn’t a sign indicating […]

March 8th

Ontario Raises EV Incentives To $14,000 For Some Cars… Lowers Incentives For EVs In $75,000-$150,000 Price Range To $3,000

The Canadian province of Ontario has gone ahead and increased the incentives available through the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program to up to CAD$14,000 per unit — up from the previous incentive range of CAD$5000-CAD$8,500 — according to a new press release. The government there also decided to limit the incentives’ applicability to electric vehicles (EVs) […]

February 12th

Canada Provides ~$46 Billion A Year In Subsidies To Fossil Fuel Industry According To The IMF, Where Could Those Funds Be Better Spent?

The Canadian government subsidizes the fossil fuel industry in the country to the tune of around $46.4 billion a year, according to a report from the IMF last year — with $1.4 billion of this referring to pre-tax subsidies, and a further $44.6 billion referring to externalized costs to society that aren’t accounted for. What […]

February 8th

Buying A Tesla, Chrysler Plug-In Minivan, & More (Cleantech Talk #18)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. For Cleantech Talk #18, Matthew, Kyle, and I talked about the Tesla buying experience and “Tesla dealerships,” the planned Chrysler plug-in hybrid electric minivan, and a 1 GW Quebec-to-Vermont HVDC interconnection (as well as the transmission network and renewable energy integration, in general). As a reminder, you can subscribe to Cleantech Talk on iTunes […]

February 2nd

Who Are EV Early Adopters?

In our third article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — I’m jumping into who the respondents of the surveys were. Given that our readers were primarily the respondents, this is basically a look at who you are. One of the four surveys was directed only […]

January 25th