Ontario’s Rumored Climate Change Plan Revealed — Substantial EV Incentives Beginning In 2017

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We previously covered news of Ontario’s rumored $8.3 billion climate change plan, one which features substantial incentives for electric vehicle buyers and owners.

It seems that our earlier coverage of the plan was accurate, as the version of the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan revealed a few days ago was actually quite similar to the leaked plan.

The new $8.3 billion climate change plan calls for extensive action to be taken on a number of fronts — including the offering of up to $14,000 in rebates for electric vehicle (EV) purchases, $1,000 for the installation of a home-charging station, and free overnight EV charging for residential customers for 4 years (beginning in 2017).

Notably, though, the Canadian province didn’t choose to impose a zero-emissions vehicle mandate on auto manufacturers selling in the region.

A public EV charging station buildout is also in the works. And, interestingly, by 2018, new homes in the province will come outfitted with a high-voltage electrical outlet in the garage. A “cash for clunkers” program will also be put into place.

CBC News provides more:

The province will spend up to $8.3 billion on a range of programs to encourage people and companies to switch to more energy-efficient heating systems, buy electric or hybrid cars, convert big trucks to natural gas, add more bio-fuel to gasoline, and help the agriculture and industrial sectors adopt low-carbon technologies.

Most of the money is expected to come from a cap-and-trade program for industrial polluters that the Liberal government expects will raise $1.9 billion a year. All of the cap-and-trade money will go into a dedicated fund for lowering Ontario’s carbon footprint.

…Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner said Ontario needed bold action on climate change 10 years ago, but he’s concerned the Liberals’ plan favours businesses, especially big polluters who will get exemptions early on in the cap-and-trade plan.

“One hundred of Ontario’s largest polluters are getting a free pass on the cap-and-trade plan, and it looks like most of the financial benefits are going to business and not individuals,” noted Schreiner. “So is this fair to the people of Ontario?”

The plan is expected to increase home heating bills by about $5/month, and the price of gasoline by about 4.3¢/liter.

(Tip of the hat to “Gymee” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for the news.)

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