Nissan LEAF Crushes Competition In March Electrified Vehicle Sales

The Nissan LEAF almost set a new monthly sales record in March, ending just 22 sales short of its December sales total at 2,507. Nonetheless, it was enough to crush the competition. The Chevy Volt ended the month with 1,478 sales, which happens to be the exact same number as it had in March 2013.

Compared to previous months, the Toyota Prius Plug-in had pretty stellar month at 1,452 sales. Based on a Tesla Model S forecast announced by Elon Musk and crew during Tesla’s last financials call as well as a European delivery estimate, I projected that Tesla delivered 1,267 Model S’s in the US to come in at #4.

The only other electrified vehicles that I think are really worth noting when it comes to sales are the Ford Fusion Energi and Ford C-Max Energi, which had 899 and 610 sales.

If you look at EV sales by brand, Nissan comes out on top by far despite only offering one EV (2,507 sales), followed by Ford (1,686), which is barely ahead of GM (1,667) and Toyota (1,525). Tesla rounds out the top five with its estimated 1,267 deliveries.

BMW i3 deliveries will start in April, so it will be fun to add that EV to the tables and charts.

Below, you can see static charts of March 2014 and YTD US EV sales. Using the interactive chart at the top of the page, you can also check out March 2013 and January–March 2013 US EV sales.

March 2014 EV sales

March YTD EV sales

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