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For you Chevy Volt owners or soon-to-be owners, one of your crew has gone and created a new Chevy Volt app. Here are the details (with minor modifications) via the forum:

new chevy volt appHi Volt/Ampera community,

I am really exited to present an app, MyGreenVolt, specifically developed for our Volt.

The purpose is to expose to the driver some of the information not available on the dashboard.

I have included a snapshot of the main screen below.


Some of the readings are:
– Instant power delivered by the main traction Li-Ion battery with min and max values
– Voltage and current at the battery level
– Graph of instant power of each of the electric motors
– Clear bar chart showing temperature of battery, transmission, AC/DC converter, and gas engine coolant
– State of the battery heater (on or off)
– Energy utilization breakdown for main traction, HVAC, battery heater and other components
– Energy efficiency including driven electric miles (or km), kWh/mile (or kWh/km), mile/kWh(or km/kWh), and energy consumption in kWh for the last trip.
– State of charge of the battery
– Gas engine rpm and load

You need of course a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter. The app works with WiFi but this is still experimental.

This is for BlackBerry devices running BB10 OS and the app is free

Be tolerant as I developed this app on my spare time :-; . I am willing to actively support and improve it so feel free to download the app and provide your feedback.

Link to MyGreenVolt web site describing the app and how to set it up:

If you are interested in news and updates, follow MyGreenVolt App on Facebook:…22800784583669


Editor’s Note: I’ll add that several Chevy Volt owners in the forum where I found this seemed excited about it. Of course, most of them want it for iOS or Android. The developer (Fredo) is working on making it available for Android. No word (as far as I’ve seen) regarding iOS.

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