Tesla Issues New Software Update Forcing Summon Users To Select Direction Prior To Exiting Car When Initiating With Parking Brake

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Following reports of Tesla’s Summon feature possibly going rogue (Tesla disputes this), it seems that the company has decided to ensure that such occurrences aren’t possible — by forcing those initiating Summon […]

Tesla’s Summon Feature & User Inattentiveness Cause Of Utah Man’s “Rogue” Model S Damage, According To Company

Originally published on CleanTechnica. A Utah man’s parked Tesla Model S recently went “rogue” and somehow crashed itself into the back of a parked truck, according to reports. The owner of the Model S involved has […]

Tesla UK Updates

A “xborg” on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently attended the opening of Tesla’s Oxford Store. For the benefit of many more people, he also took notes based on Tesla UK country director Georg Ell’s presentation. You can […]