5 Hot Tesla Model X Videos

The Tesla Model X is definitely rolling out in force now. I keep seeing notes from people who saw their first one in person, and more and more videos are rolling out from early owners.

I’ve pulled together a handful of Model X videos that I think are particularly worth a view. Check out the 5 below for a bit of X fun.

Thorough 4K Review of the Model X

There have been several good owner videos walking viewers through detailed aspects of the Model X, but this one is quite special given the high quality of the video and the depth of detail while still being succinct. Marcus Adolfsson of Gainesville, Florida, shot and shared the video, and I think the first response to it on the Tesla Motors Club forum is enough of an endorsement to trigger a watch: “Stunning. Well done. You just cost me $120k.” Well, that’s something. (Parts 1 is below. Part 2 isn’t published yet.)

Another 4K Model X Walkthrough

JH Photography also published a 4K walkthrough of the Model X, highlighting numerous aspects of the vehicle and trying to help viewers get some perspective on matters that may be hard to glean just watching online. It’s the most effective at that for some aspects of the X, from what I’ve seen. Even if you watched the one above, I’d definitely recommend this recording. It’s a stunningly beautiful video, especially the second half. A “must watch.”

Tesla Model X Timelapse

This one isn’t super interesting for its view of the Model X (which is quite lacking) but for superficial sociological observations about how people approach the SUV. Clearly, you can see patterns regarding the interest in the falcon-wing doors (and their frequent performances for new visitors) as well as general interest in the interior storage space of the vehicle, among other things. (There’s also a Part 1 to this that you can watch here.)

h/t stevejust

Tesla X Summoned

The new Summon feature is now all the rage with Tesla and self-driving car fans. Until watching the video below, all the Summon videos I’ve seen have been of Tesla Model S sedans. This one was reportedly the first Model X Summon video, but the two below from vangogh are the first I saw.

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