Tesla’s Summon Feature Makes It To The UK

While Tesla owners in the US have had access to the company’s new semi-autonomous “Summon” feature — which allows owners to send their car to autonomously park itself, or summon it to the front door from the garage, etc — owners in many other countries have had to wait a bit longer (pending approval from the appropriate authorities, etc). Going by recent comments posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum, though, that wait is now over for owners in the UK.


A Model S owner in the UK by the name of “badboy1980” posted this comment on the forum on Friday:

πŸ™‚ I live in the UK and confirm that I now have Auto Summon!
Hi All, Just thought I’d share the fact that I now have Auto Summon!! Yey!!
I am at work, but when I get home I’m going to check it out with the garage opener.
Seems awesome though.
Anybody want to give me some feedback on what to look out for and how it best works?

(The forum post was accompanied by the image posted above.)

Those looking for more information on the new “Summon” feature should watch the video below. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Screen Capture/badboy1980

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