Tesla Model 3 Unveiling Guest List Personally Selected By CEO Elon Musk + Immediate Team

It seems that the Model X unveiling kerfuffle last year involving CEO Elon Musk and a rather touchy journalist has led to Musk being more selective about who will be attending the Model 3 unveiling (or maybe not) — as the CEO has apparently personally (with aid from his “immediate team”) put together the guest list for the upcoming event.

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Granted, maybe there’s not actually any connection between this news and the internet drama following the Model X unveiling. But it does seem to be curious, doesn’t it? On that note, the commenter “calisnow” on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently posted this:

This is interesting – I’ve ordered two Teslas, live in L.A., and cannot get a ticket to the Model 3 unveiling March 31 in my own town. I’m not upset – don’t misread the post. But getting “denied” only makes me think more than ever that something is up – something big is going to be revealed that we haven’t heard of yet.
Autopilot 2.0 hardware perhaps?
OR – perhaps Elon simply wants to make sure no cranky types like that journalist who got “banned” from buying a Tesla show up to his party?
Either way – this exclusivity is certainly a shift from 2014 when I easily got into the D event having not even ordered a Tesla yet!
I sent an e-mail to my sales rep last night asking for a couple tickets. This is the response I got today:

“Hey ____,
I am afraid I have no way of getting you tickets to this event. From what I was told, it will be a small group of people selected by Elon and his immediate team.
_____ “

Interesting… Of course one can simply watch the Model 3 unveiling online. There’s no real need to be there in person. What we do know is the Model 3 unveiling is set to take place on March 31st, somewhere in or near Los Angeles.

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