Electric Vehicle Event In Berlin — EV Obsession A Partner!


As director of CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and Solar Love, I’ve decided to take these sites into the next realm by organizing events in North America and Europe. As with our written work, the aim is to:

  • Disseminate more information about important cleantech matters many people can’t easily access elsewhere.
  • Raise awareness about trends occurring under our noses but perhaps out of our sight.
  • Inspire cleantech action and overall optimism on the personal level.
  • Nudge stronger EV and solar policies at local, national, and international levels.

In partnership with GridHub, we are launching the first event in Berlin. Here’s the latest agenda: CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR.

Top electric vehicle journalists and analysts will be presenting at this launch event, and partners so far include EV-Volumes, Renewables International, EnergyTransition.de, and World Future Council.

One day of the event will be focused on electric vehicles, while one day will be focused on solar energy. The opening night will see yours truly giving a shot at standup comedy focused on climate change and cleantech.

EV sessions we currently have planned include:

  • State of the Electric Vehicle Industry
  • EV Battery Deep Dive
  • EV Sales Lessons From 2008–2015
  • How Your City Can Be More EV Friendly
  • An “Ideas Roundtable” involving attendees to a greater degree
  • And a panel discussion on Manufacturer Targets & Trends

Electric car test drives will also be available.

Presenters include the world’s leaders in EV sales data collection, lithium-ion battery development, and EV market trends and potential. I’m honored to have them on board and presenting their unique perspectives on these important EV matters. I can genuinely say that I will be an eager attendee as well as organizer.

The Cleantech Revolution Tour: Berlin event dates are April 8–10, 2016. And the price is just €50.

You can reserve your spot via our registration page or simply by clicking right here:


If you would like to sponsor this Cleantech Revolution Tour event, sponsorship options are here.

I hope to see you at this initial EV Obsession event in Berlin!

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