Nissan’s “No Charge To Charge” Program Launches In Salt Lake City

Nissan’s popular (and occasionally maligned) “No Charge To Charge” program has now made its way to Salt Lake City, Utah, according to a new press release. The promotional offer gives new Nissan LEAF buyers in the […]

French EV Sales Numbers For September 2015

The figures for electric vehicle registrations (a proxy for sales) in France during the month of September 2015 are now in. They don’t really provide any surprises, but they’re probably worth taking a look at anyways. Altogether, 2,709 […]

EV Obsession Initiates Long-Term Review Of Nissan LEAF & No Home Charging

EV Obsession has long been on the forefront of electric vehicle coverage and analysis, and we have accumulated a large number of EV owners as readers, commenters, and even writers. Now we are going to have first-hand […]

Nissan Brings “No Charge to Charge” Program To Austin, Monterey, & Raleigh-Durham

Nissan is continuing to expand the promotional range of its “No Charge To Charge” program, with three new cities recently added, according to a new press release. The cities (or metro areas) in question — Austin, […]

Why Combustion Engine Carmakers Are On A Collision Course With Destiny

Editor’s Note: This is an excellent comment we received on CleanTechnica last week that I thought would be nice to share with EV Obsession & CleanTechnica readers. Enjoy! (Slight modifications implemented to fit our style guide and […]