Nissan Brings “No Charge to Charge” Program To Austin, Monterey, & Raleigh-Durham

Nissan is continuing to expand the promotional range of its “No Charge To Charge” program, with three new cities recently added, according to a new press release.

The cities (or metro areas) in question — Austin, Texas; Monterey, California; and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina — will now be home to the interesting promotion, allowing new Nissan LEAF owners/lessees to utilize public electric vehicle (EV) charging for free for the first two years following purchase. The promotion, of course, only applies to purchases made at LEAF-certified dealerships.

Nissan Leaf via Nissan

More information on the specific charging stations available for use via the program can be found here.

“Nissan LEAF is an attractive option for Austin car shoppers,” stated Andrew Speaker, director, EV Sales & Marketing, Nissan Motors. “In addition to the $7,500 federal tax credit, some LEAF buyers are eligible for a rebate* to help offset the costs to install level 2 chargers in their homes. Those benefits, combined with access to free public charging, significantly lower operating costs and zero spending on gas, make owning an all-electric vehicle a cost-effective and convenient choice.”

The No Charge To Charge program is now available to new Nissan drivers in 20 different American markets — Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Monterey, and San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; Indianapolis, Indiana; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Boston, Massachusetts; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Washington DC; and Houston, Dallas-Forth Worth, and Austin, Texas.

Nissan is reportedly aiming to expand the program’s reach to encompass 25 different markets in the US within the next few months.

Not a bad program, to my eyes. Certainly one that improves the appeal of the Nissan LEAF over other electric cars. I wonder if the program will be continued when the next-gen LEAF is finally released.

One thought on “Nissan Brings “No Charge to Charge” Program To Austin, Monterey, & Raleigh-Durham

  1. It looks like more long lines for EV drivers in those cities. Seriously, they need to rethink the freebies. Make it stop at 80% instead of allowing 30 minutes. Everybody will charge for 30 minutes whether they need it or not, even when fast charger is charging at 2kW rate at 99% state of charge.

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