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Top Electric Car Companies By EV Battery Sales (H1 2015)

The electric vehicle battery market remained more or less recognizable during June 2016. The most recent figures from Jose Pontes show that Tesla/Panasonic has maintained a huge lead in the #1 spot, as one would expect; that BYD has maintained a comfortable 2nd place position; and that Nissan is holding on to 3rd place with a big margin. To […]

August 20th

Why Did BMW Bluster On Electric Cars?

One of the more disheartening electric vehicle stories of the year was BMW pulling back on its plans to be an EV leader, rather than announcing a knockout, Tesla-Model-3-competing BMW i5 or other fully electric car. It was a bit of a shock since BMW made some exciting, gung-ho presentations about electric vehicles in the past few years […]

July 17th

LG Signs Tentative Agreement With Iran To Cooperate For EV & Infrastructure Development

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The trading branch of the South Korean firm LG, LG International Corporation, has signed a new tentative agreement with the government of Iran that will see the two cooperate for the development of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure, according to recent reports. The new project will be overseen jointly by LG […]

May 23rd

Optodot & LG Chem Sign Patent License Agreement For Boehmite Lithium-Ion Battery Separators

Optodot Corporation and LG Chem have signed a new patent license agreement that will see the lithium-ion battery manufacturer granted the right to utilize the boehmite separators developed by Optodot, according to a new press release. To provide some background here, boehmite is a material utilized in the “ceramic” coating layers of many modern battery […]

April 25th

EV Battery Sales 2015 vs 2014

Electric vehicle battery sales figures for December 2015 were recently revealed by the EV Sales blog, thereby allowing us to take a look at year-end totals for 2015 for the first time. These totals largely show us what we already knew — that Panasonic remains on top of the pile, and that BYD and LG Chem […]

March 25th

LG Chem Chosen As GM 2015 Supplier Of The Year

General Motors has selected the lithium-ion battery manufacturer LG Chem as GM 2015 Supplier of the Year, according to recent reports. The award was given out at the company’s recent 24th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan — which saw the company recognize 110 of its best […]

March 15th

LG Chem To Supply Lithium-Ion Battery Packs For Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Minivan

The lithium-ion battery packs that’ll be used in the upcoming Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivan will be supplied by LG Chem, according to recent reports. The new contract will see the Korean company supply 16 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery packs for use in the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) minivan — which will reportedly deliver an all-electric range […]

February 23rd

Our EV Future

The topic/title I was given for my presentation at the EV Transportation & Technology Summit was “EV R&D and the Future.” You can jump right into the presentation below. In addition to that, or alternatively, you can read more about the backstory and a summary of the presentation in the text below the video and slides. My […]

January 24th

GM’s Electrification Path & Plans (EV Obsession Video)

GM’s Britta Gross, Director of Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy, gave perhaps my favorite presentation at the EV Transportation & Technology Summit. Her presentation was essentially split into two (or three) sections. She first talked about Drive Electric Florida, then Drive Electric Orlando, and then got into matters concerning GM’s electrification path and plans. This article covers some of the highlights […]

December 30th

Bob Lutz: 2017 Chevy Bolt Won’t Be Profitable (I Think)

The man widely credited as being the “father” of the Chevy Volt, Bob Lutz, was recently quoted as saying that he’d be “surprised and shocked” if the 2017 Chevy Bolt ended up being profitable, according to recent reports. It should be noted here up front that Lutz no longer has access to GM’s internal financial […]

December 26th

LG Chem Ramping Up Battery Production In Michigan

LG Chem has announced that it will be ramping up lithium-ion battery production at its facility in Michigan, according to recent reports. The move follows closely on an announcement that GM will be expanding its business partnership with LG Chem in anticipation of Chevy Bolt production beginning next year. Nick Kassanos of LG Chem commented […]

October 25th