LG Chem Creating a Better Future with Batteries

  • ■ Participation in <InterBattery 2020> and installed largest (315㎡) booth among participating companies
  • ■ Various attractions such as introduction of the world’s best battery technologies and an array of new products

LG Chem will participate in ‘InterBattery 2020’ held in COEX, Samseong-dong from October 21 (Wed) to 23 (Fri) to exhibit its world-leading battery technologies and solutions.

InterBattery is Korea’s largest secondary battery industry exhibit hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and supervised by the Korea Battery Industry Association, and this year a total of 198 businesses in Korea and abroad will take part in the event.

In the largest booth (315㎡) among participating businesses, LG Chem will integrate its new vision of ‘We connect science to life for a better future’.

First, the ‘Core Zone’ will introduce LG Chem’s unique battery innovation science. It will also be comprised of the ‘More Powerful Zone’, ‘More Efficiency Zone’, and ‘More Stylish Zone’ that introduces a wide range of battery products reflecting ‘Connect Science to Life’.

The ‘Sustainability Zone’/’Next Generation Zone’ will show LG Chem’s unique efforts for sustainable growth and next-generation battery technologies in its battery business, and it will also give a glimpse of the Better Future that science can give us.

The ‘Core Zone’ displays the core technologies that makes it possible to produce the world’s best batteries.

It will put on display core technologies that can maximize battery performance and safety such as ‘Lami & Stack’ manufacturing technologies, ‘Safety Reinforced Separator (SRS®)’ material technologies, ‘cooling integrated module’ manufacturing technologies, etc.

At the ‘More Powerful Zone’, visitors can take a look at how much the performance of EVs, kickboards, household appliances, etc. with LG Chem batteries has improved.

It will also reveal products such as ‘Long Cell’, which is an EV battery that improved energy density by 16% and driving distance by more than 20% compared to the past.

The ‘More Efficiency Zone’ exhibits ESS (energy storage system) battery products that makes it possible to use energy more efficiently.

In particular, it will showcase battery products for a variety of uses including power network, industry and household (or home-use), and also introduce ESS battery technologies that can contribute to energy conservation in various fields.

The ‘More Stylish Zone’ shows flexibly designed battery products so that devices that mount batteries can have more freedom in its designs.

Visitors can come and see LG Chem’s latest battery products that present solutions considering designs of final applications such as automobile low-height battery modules made lower that normal heights, replaceable battery technologies for e-Scooters, etc.

The ‘Sustainability Zone’/Next Generation Zone’ explains about eco-friendly battery production using green energy, recycling business using waste batteries, and responsible and transparent supply chain management for battery materials.

It also plans to offer a number of other attractions by exhibiting next-generation battery technologies such as lithium sulfur battery/solid-state/long-life batteries. In particular, it is planning to unveil the actual lithium sulfur battery that was recently mounted in an unmanned aerial vehicle for a successful test flight.

A spokesperson for LG Chem said, “At this exhibit, we designed the booth with comprehensive contents on why LG Chem was able to rank first in the world for batteries such as its main technologies and diverse product portfolio.”

The spokesperson added, “Visitors will be able to see not only the various battery products and technologies of current, but also the next-generation batteries of LG Chem that will lead the future such as lithium sulfur.”

Image courtesy of LG Chem

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