Tesla Model S #1 In US Large Luxury Sedan Market … By Huge Amount!

The Tesla Model S continued to widen its lead in the US luxury sedan market during the third quarter, with sales during the quarter surging 59% as compared to Quarter 3 2015 (to 9,156 units), according […]

Europe EV Sales — BMW i3 Surges To #1 In August

This article is being published on EV Obsession, CleanTechnica, and the EV Sales blogspot. The European EV market had more than 13,000 registrations last month, up 19% over August 2015, with the market set to surpass […]

Unplugged Performance Gives Tesla Model X Interior The Carbon Fiber Treatment (Photos)

People who are willing to spend over $100,000 on a top-of-the-line personal vehicle are probably pretty likely to have strong opinions about what they want and what they don’t want. High-trim Tesla Model X buyers are probably […]

Tesla Model X Falcon-Wing Doors — How Fast Can You Drive With Them Open?

The Tesla Model X’s falcon-wing doors are arguably its most recognizable feature — there is pretty much nothing like them on the market currently. This novelty leads to something of a lack of public knowledge, though. A good […]

US Electric Car Sales — 14 Highlights From August

This article is simultaneously being published on CleanTechnica and on our Electric Car Sales page. Numbers are in, and not a great deal has changed in the US electric car market since July, but it is […]

Germany Electric Car Sales — July 2016

Germany’s electric vehicle incentives are now in full effect. How has this affected sales of plug-in electric cars in the country? Apparently, not all that much, going by the July 2016 sales estimates for the German market that […]

Norway Electric Car Sales — July 2016

Update #2: There were discrepancies in data sources and we corrected the article to indicate a different EV market share (for July & for the year through July). Estimates for electric vehicle sales in Norway during […]

Chevy Volt & Tesla Model S & X Lead US Electric Car Sales Surge

Energy independence is creeping into the US passenger car market more and more, led by Tesla Motors but also by ZEV mandates in 9 states and resulting EV efforts from a few auto companies. In the month of July, […]

“Low/Cheap” Tesla Leases Extended Through September 30th

Tesla’s relatively recent introduction of “low/cheap” leasing rates will run through the end of September, according to recent reports. Of importance to those looking to get a new Model S without spending a fortune, these low […]

Interactive Infographic Of The Tesla Model S

An interesting new interactive infographic detailing the Tesla Model S was recently brought to my attention, and seems very much worth sharing here. The interactive infographic was created by “Romtim” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, […]