New Tesla Referral Program Prize List Includes Custom Headphones

Tesla recently launched the 6th round of its referral program, which will run until January 15, 2017. As with the last round, Tesla owners will be rewarded with various prizes for referring people who end up buying a Model S or Model X.


The prize list includes some exclusives such as an invitation to the company’s next unveiling event and a VIP tour of the company’s Fremont facility. Additionally, prizes include things as simple as a pair of custom-made, over-the-ears, Tesla headphones.

To be more clear. Tesla owners who refer 10 buyers get an invite to the company’s next unveiling event; owners who refer 5 buyers get the VIP tour of the Fremont facility (which includes a question and answer session with Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen); and owners who refer 3 buyers get the custom-made Tesla headphones.

Additionally, anyone who refers a buyer is entered into a raffle to win a Ludicrous Tesla Model S or Model X.

Buyers still get a $1,000 discount from the referral code.

Looking for more information on Tesla’s referral program? You can find it on the company’s website.

One thought on “New Tesla Referral Program Prize List Includes Custom Headphones

  1. The number of young electricians i have talked to about the Tesla will I am sure result in Tesla sales.
    They immediately understand the advantages of using electric force against thermal.
    Of course showing the Tesla versus Holden V8 really makes them interested.
    The particular Holden is the top of the line fastest production car in the country.
    Once the Tesla blows away the racing version V8 super-car worth probably a million dollars they immediately ask ” Where can i get one of these how much etc.”

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