Tesla Model S #1 In US Large Luxury Sedan Market … By Huge Amount!

The Tesla Model S continued to widen its lead in the US luxury sedan market during the third quarter, with sales during the quarter surging 59% as compared to Quarter 3 2015 (to 9,156 units), according to Autoblog (confirmed by Tesla).

What that means is that sales of the Tesla Model S in the US are now nearly double those of the closest contender, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and more than double those of the BMW 7-Series. Altogether, the Model S actually accounted for nearly ⅓ of the total large luxury sedan market in the US.

New Tesla Model S

Note that Tesla Model X deliveries are now occurring in quantity as well, with 5,428 Model Xs sold during the quarter in the US, the company confirmed to Autoblog. What that means is that Tesla buyers are now split between the luxury sedan and luxury SUV markets, rather than being concentrated in the luxury sedan market as before — which apparently hasn’t hurt the market position of the Model S at all.

Autoblog provides a bit more: “Our prior estimates, which assumed that 55% of Tesla’s global Model S sales are in North America, had Tesla selling 8,691 Model S vehicles during the third quarter. Either way, the Model S continues to be a category-defining vehicle.”

It’s a bit amazing when you think about it that a company with essentially no market share 10 years ago has managed to conquer so much in such a short amount of time. With the seeming cluelessness of many of the people managing top auto manufacturers, Tesla stands a good chance of continuing to grow and capture new market share at a rapid rate over the next decade or two.

Via CleanTechnica

Photo by Kyle Field for CleanTechnica & EV Obsession

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