European Tesla Model X Deliveries In Late September?

When will large numbers of Tesla Model X deliveries to Europe finally begin?

Going by a lively forum thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum, around late-September. Quite a number of comments in the thread — from those with confirmed reservations dating from the beginning of March to mid-April — stated that delivery specialists were placing the expected delivery dates between mid- and late-September.

Tesla Model X

Model X deliveries have of course been occurring for a little while now in Europe, but not on a large scale — mostly Founder and Signature Series deliveries to date. Given the amount of time that some buyers have had to wait, I’m sure that some are getting antsy — but it’s not that much longer to wait now…. (Unless you’re a Model 3 reservation holder.)

With regard to why you have to wait, the German commentator “Flottes Wiesel” posted this rather funny comment detailing the journey from Fremont (California) to Germany:

Spoke to my DES. My car, part of a july production batch, will indeed arrive late September.

Wiesel will enjoy an eight week lasting touristic roundtrip. It will depart Fremont by rail, travelling across the United States to the east coast. It will pass high mountains, great plains, nice cities and lovely villages, waving goodbye to fellow MX-siblings, leaving the train being August US-deliveries. It will experience seaport treatment and embark to continue his journey as cruise passenger across the Atlantic Ocean. He might be anxious, as he is not an Elon Musk-side project with ability to swim. His tires will touch solid soil again in the Netherlands, sensing 50 Hertz electric pulse in the harbour light, being dismantled and reconstructed at Teslas Tilburg site and finally travelling to my service center by truck.

It is so sad, that Wiesel is not able to send instagram pictures or tweets during this adventurous travel to his expecting owners.

Hopefully journeys like this won’t be a necessity for too much longer. Tesla is, after all, seriously looking into the creation of a local European manufacturing facility (rather than just an assembly and service facility as in Tilburg, Netherlands).

One thought on “European Tesla Model X Deliveries In Late September?

  1. We have to wait for the money from the Model 3, unless a government is willing to put serious money on the table.
    According to Musk & Straubel during the Gigafactory opening:
    Raw materials in,
    Stuf happens,
    Cars come out.
    A factory for 100gWh plus 1,000,000 cars.
    What a sight that will be!
    And what an opening party :-).

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