Still No EV Chargers At Most Disney Resorts

While it’s certainly not the most important subject in the world, the seeming aversion that Disney has to the installation of electric vehicle charging points at most of its resort locations throughout the US is quite interesting.

Considering the fact that a great many people who visit such resorts drive there, you would think that it would be worth it to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities for the guests, wouldn’t you? Is it simply a matter of the company not being willing to charge for it, but also not being willing to provide it as a “free” service?

On that note, Larry Chanin, founder of Florida Tesla Enthusiasts, on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently posted his thoughts on the matter, particularly with regard to fast-chargers:

I’m afraid Disney will never install HPWCs anywhere on Disney properties, even if they are donated for free by Tesla. The reason is simple…Disney can’t charge a fee to the user for the electricity using HPWCs.

They are missing the big picture. Model S and X owners stay at luxury resorts. There are other luxury resorts in Orlando convenient to Disney theme parks that have chargers. So instead of paying less than $10 for electricity to attract Model S and X owners who pay around $300 -$400 per night or more to at say the Animal Kingdom Lodge, etc., those Tesla owners will be going to say the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek or the Waldorf Astoria who have charging. (The valet operations manage charging at both locations.)


It should probably be noted here, though, that a J1772 standard Plugshare EV charging point, or multiple ones, is/are now in the works for one Disney resort location.

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  1. An over-endowed J1772 with 50A or whatever is the same thing as a Tesla-only HPWC at the same amperage. One costs a little money and allows you to charge for energy. The other comes from Tesla for free and doesn’t allow you to charge for energy.

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