Nissan Leaf Battery Can Now Be Leased In UK, 100 Improvements Made To Car

Potential Nissan Leaf customers in the UK may be happy to hear that they now have this option. You can now get a Leaf in the UK for as little as £15,990 (after the UK £5,000 plug-in grant), with a monthly battery lease as low as £70.

Of course, there are several options. Here are the options (via Nissan):

nissan leaf uk leasing

As reported in March, the UK-produced Nissan Leaf includes many improvements over last year’s model. According to the most recent press release, the “British-built version boasts over 100 improvements… many of which were made as a result of feedback from Nissan’s active community of LEAF owners.”

The two biggest improvements are that the range has increased from 109 miles to 124 miles (UK standards, of course) and “its battery is capable of recharging in about half the time of the first-generation LEAF.”

nissan leaf charger

Furthermore, the battery warranty now covers capacity loss! That’s a big one for anyone concerned about still nascent EV batteries.

I have a feeling a lot more Nissan Leafs are going to be sold in the UK this year.

Check out the Nissan press release for more details on the improvements and new offerings, or this extensive one from a week ago with all sorts of details about the car.

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