Kroger Adds 225 EV Charging Stations

I recently highlighted the fact that public EV charging stations are blowing hydrogen fueling stations out of the water, and that there are now well over 5,000 public EV charging stations across the US. There are actually about 200 public charging stations being added in the US each month.

Image Credit: ECOtality
Image Credit: ECOtality

Some well known big box stores (e.g. IKEA, Walmart, Kohl’s) have been early leaders in bringing EV charging stations to the public. The latest such announcement comes form Kroger. Kroger last week announced a massive new rollout of charging stations in partnership with ECOtality.

They announced “an expanded partnership including over 200 level 2 (quick charge) charging stations, and 25 DC Fast Chargers, to be installed across key markets through the EV Project,” as the press release stated. “This multimillion dollar expansion will bring the total number of Blink chargers at the Kroger Family of Stores to almost 300.”

Kroger invested $1.5 million to install these chargers. They were installed at 125 locations in key markets (such as Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles).

Kroger and ECOtality previously teamed up to install 60 charging stations in Oregon and Washington, and 14 in Texas.

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