2013 Nissan Leaf Range Gets 15% Boost In Europe, Price Drop

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The UK-produced Nissan Leaf is reportedly getting a bit of a performance boost. The 2012 Japan-produced Leaf got a very respectable 109 miles of range (on a single charge). However, the 2013 UK-produced Leaf will get 124 miles of range. The improvements come from a few separate improvements in the technology and design of the vehicle.

2013 nissan leaf

The improvements in range come from improvements in the:

  • motor
  • aerodynamics
  • brake regeneration
  • weight

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Here are more details from Autoblog Green:

The new Leaf has a better coefficient of drag, by 0.01, compared to the 2012 model, which Nissan calls, “a small but useful improvement.” The improved regenerative brakes can now recover a higher percentage of energy (94 percent compared to 88 percent before) and now also works all the way down to three kilometers an hour. Larger trunk space, a better ride and the option of a faster charger are also among improvements for this year’s Leaf in Europe.

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Despite the improvements, word is that the price is coming down quite a bit. It was previously reported that the price would drop nearly $4,000 (£2,500), but now word is that the mid-priced Leaf will see a price drop of about $2,620 (£1,740). The price in the U.S. is reportedly dropping from $35,200 to $28,800, and it will see similar performance improvements.

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