Zero Motorcycles Unleashes Electric Motorcycle Smartphone App

Zero Motorcycles and Brammo have actually made me possibly, one day, maybe, perhaps want to sit on a motorcycle. Zero Motorcycles recently started rolling out its 2013 lineup, but it has taken a little while longer to unleash what everyone has really been waiting for — smartphone apps for its electric bike owners. An iOS and an Android version of the app have been released. The app works with any of Zero’s new bikes.

zero motorcycles app

Zero calls the app the “first ever motorcycle iPhone and Android apps,” which I assume is not exactly correct. Yep, there are quite a few motorcycle Android apps and iPhone apps. I think what Zero means is that these are first-of-their-kind apps. Ah, it looks like I should have just read more of the press release to get the details — Zero Motorcycles writes, “the “Zero Motorcycles” app is the world’s first mobile application with the ability to control the performance characteristics of a production motorcycle.”

zero appThe app lets owners look at a range of different live or archived stats: percentage state of charge, torque, drivetrain component temperatures, battery amps, how much gas money she or he has saved, etc.

But wait, I think we missed something, the app isn’t just for displaying stats — you can control your bike with the app!

“The Zero Motorcycles app marks the first time in history that a production motorcycle’s top speed, torque and regenerative braking can be easily adjusted by an owner in seconds. Not only is it fun, it also results in a riding experience that is truly customized to meet the unique needs of every individual,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “We encourage interested fans to download the app, play with it in Demo Mode and then schedule a test ride with their local dealer so that they can truly appreciate the Zero Motorcycles experience.”

Ah, of course, just trying to get me on one of those motorcycle seats! I should have known!… Well, actually, that probably wouldn’t hurt too badly.

zero motorcycle

(For more details on the app, check out the Zero Motorcycles press release. For a lot more details, check out the Zero Motorcycles app page.)

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