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US Transportation Secretary Talks “Automated, Sustainable, & Connected” Vehicles

The US Department of Transportation Secretary, Anthony R. Foxx, recently spoke on the subject of automated, sustainable, and connected vehicles at the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) in Greenville, SC, during a visit to the nonprofit R&D center. The comments, made to a crowd of over “100 business and industry leaders,” included references to the […]

October 4th

Is Tesla’s Autopilot Destined To Become A Subscription Service?

While Tesla’s Autopilot features/services can currently be obtained through a simple one-time purchase, there’s no guarantee that the company continues using that approach indefinitely. For instance, it could be that the company eventually decides to switch to a subscription service for Autopilot — a potentially lucrative decision, even if one likely to greatly irritate some […]

September 28th

MAN Truck & Bus Chooses ABB Fast-Charging Units For e-Bus R&D Facilities In Munich

The European commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus AG has chosen ABB’s e-bus fast-charging units for its electric bus research and development facilities in Munich, Germany — specifically, for depot and opportunity charging — according to an email recently sent to EV Obsession. To explain (for those not closely following the company’s announcements), MAN […]

September 28th

A123 & Argonne National Laboratory Agree To Collaborate On NMC Cathode Development Program

The lithium-ion battery developer and manufacturer A123 Systems has come to agreement with Argonne National Laboratory to collaborate on a new nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) cathode development program — one intended to result in the creation of a “safe class” of advanced materials for utilization in the transport sector — according to a new […]

September 27th

Department of Energy Announces $37 Million In Funding For IONICS Energy Storage & Conversion Projects (16 Projects)

The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E) will be providing $37 million in new funding to 16 projects focused on the development of energy storage and conversion technologies, as part of the Integration and Optimization of Novel Ion-Conducting Solids (IONICS) program, according to a recent press release from the US government. To […]

September 27th

Study Shows Why Californian Cities Leads US Electric Car Sales

An interesting analysis of the California electric vehicle market was recently published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), providing a nice overview of the effects of various policies and promotional activities in effect there through 2015, as well as lessons for other locations/jurisdictions. The analysis is based around city-level data on electric vehicles […]

September 25th

Tesla Software 8.0 Details, via Tesla Motors

Telsa’s rollout of software version 8.0 began last night, bringing with it the most “significant over-the-air overhaul of the Tesla touchscreen and introduces the biggest UI revamp since the launch of Model S,” according to an email Tesla Motors sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession. The update will introduce substantial changes to the way that […]

September 22nd

EV & Autonomous Driving Technologies Will Inevitably Merge, Lux Research Writes

There are big changes coming to the automotive industry over the next couple of decades. In particular, electric vehicle and autonomous driving (self-driving car) technologies are set to shake things up — possibly even resulting in the disappearance of some of the world’s major manufacturers. Interestingly, there are actually quite a lot of potential synergies […]

September 21st

Electrovaya’s Litarion Introduces LC-44 — New Higher-Energy-Density 44Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

The lithium-ion battery company Electrovaya, along with its wholly owned subsidiary Litarion, has introduced a new, higher-energy-density 44Ah lithium-ion battery cell, the LITACELL LC-44, according to a new press release from the company. The new LITACELL LC-44 builds on the earlier 40 Ah LITACELL LC-40, utilizing the same geometry. The new offering is now available […]

August 25th

Ford & Baidu Invest Into Velodyne LiDAR

One of the top companies out there currently in the field of Light, Detection, and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, Velodyne LiDAR, has received $150 million in new investment funding from Ford Motor Company and the Chinese tech giant Baidu. The new investment funding will reportedly be used by Velodyne for a rapid expansion of its design […]

August 25th

ClipperCreek Introduces New “Ruggedized” Version Of PMD-10 Universal Pedestal

The popular electric vehicle charging station manufacturer ClipperCreek has introduced a new ruggedized, 100% stainless steel version (PMD-10R) of its newest mounting solution, the PMD-10 Universal Pedestal, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EVObsession. The new PMD-10R mounting solution features a “fully powder coated stainless steel construction, stainless steel machine hardware, and plastic […]

August 25th

Top Electric Car Companies By EV Battery Sales (H1 2015)

The electric vehicle battery market remained more or less recognizable during June 2016. The most recent figures from Jose Pontes show that Tesla/Panasonic has maintained a huge lead in the #1 spot, as one would expect; that BYD has maintained a comfortable 2nd place position; and that Nissan is holding on to 3rd place with a big margin. To […]

August 20th

Norway EV & PHEV Driver Findings, Galore!

A recent survey of 8,000 different vehicle owners in Norway, conducted by the country’s Institute of Transport Economics, has revealed some interesting new data points — including the fact that all-electric owners in the country use their vehicles more often in general and in everyday traffic than plug-in hybrid owners do. Another particularly interesting data […]

August 19th

Reducing Propensity For Electrode Fragmentation In Silicon-Aluminum Anodes For Lithium-Ion Batteries

Researchers from the University of Windsor in Ontario have discovered a new means of improving silicon anode durability (when in use with lithium-ion batteries) through the utilization of newly observed self-healing behavior of cracks in micron-sized silicon particles dispersed “in a ductile Al matrix cycled using a high lithiation rate of 15.6 C.” As some […]

August 17th

Johnson Matthey & 3M Enter Into New NMC Patent License Agreement Concerning Lithium-Ion Automotive Batteries

A new patent license agreement concerning the use of Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) cathode materials in automotive lithium-ion batteries has been entered into by Johnson Matthey and 3M, according to recent reports. The new patent license agreement sees 3M grant Johnson Matthey licenses to a number of different US patents (US6964828, US7078128, US8241791, US8685565, and US6660432) and […]

August 13th