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Top EV Charging Leaders, According To Navigant

I still find it hard to believe that I am a “early adopter.” Soon, I hope I will not be thinking “Why are there not more EV drivers?” Well, I do thank my lucky stars on this one. Primarily, I thank CleanTechnica.com and EVObsession.com for pointing me to “right drivelihood.” But it’s not just the cars and social support […]

December 10th

EVgo Names Dave Schembri As New CEO

The prominent US-based electric vehicle charging station firm EVgo has named a new CEO, Dave Schembri, formerly of the ground expedite and air charter logistics firm Active Aero Group, according to an email sent to EV Obsession. The appointment is effective as of November 16, 2016, according to the email. As noted there, Schembri is […]

November 18th

EverCharge 1 Of 10 Top Auto Startups

The US-based electric vehicle charging solutions firm EverCharge has been selected as one of 10 innovative companies working in the emerging meeting place of transportation and the tech industry, according to organizers of a competition to be held at the upcoming LA Auto Show and emailed to EV Obsession and CleanTechnica. The presentation will be part of […]

November 4th

GreenWay EV Fast-Charging Network Connects West & East Of Slovakia (Video)

The electric vehicle charging station firm GreenWay has connected the major cities of western and eastern Slovakia, according to an email sent to EV Obsession and CleanTechnica following our Cleantech Revolution Tour conference a little north of the border in Poland. The electric vehicle fast-charging network makes it possible and quite convenient to travel throughout the country […]

November 1st

Quick Chek In NY Site Of New Tesla Superchargers

A Quick Chek Food Store chain location in New York’s Hudson Valley recently became home to a new Tesla Supercharger station, marking one of the first times that a convenience store in the US has become the site of a Supercharger installation. The new Supercharger installation — located at the Quick Chek store at 640 […]

October 22nd

Atticus Robocar 4P — $25,000 EV With 93-Mile Range

What do you say to the possibility of an all-electric vehicle with 93 miles of range that sells for $25,000? Not bad, huh? A Brazilian-American engineer by the name of Paulo Camasmie is making the claim that his “Atticus Robocar 4P” will possess the range and price listed above once available … in 2020. Interesting claims made […]

October 20th

Autonomous Driving Firm Nauto Partners With Allianz Ventures, BMW i Ventures, & Toyota Research Institute

The autonomous driving technology firm Nauto has announced new strategic partnerships with BMW i Ventures, Allianz Ventures, the Toyota Research Institute, and others. The new strategic partnerships (and investments) will be based around autonomous driving technology development utilizing the Nauto cloud-based data learning platform. The press release provides more: “Nauto has developed deep learning capabilities […]

October 18th

Cannon Brand (ITT) Introducing “Ultra-Fast” DC EV Charging Solution At eCarTec 2016

A new, “ultra fast” DC electric vehicle charging solution will be unveiled by the ITT-owned Cannon brand at the upcoming eCarTec 2016 trade show in Munich, Germany. “One of the main obstacles to widespread adoption of electric vehicles is lengthy charging times,” stated Gary Ashurst, vice president and general manager of the ITT Interconnect Solutions […]

October 13th

Clearpath Robotics Raises $30 Million For Self-Driving Vehicle Division Expansion

The self-driving vehicle solutions firm Clearpath Robotics has announced the successful completion of a new $30 million round of investment led by iNovia Capital, but also with participation from GE Ventures, Caterpillar Ventures, Eclipse Ventures, RRE Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank. The new investment funding will reportedly be used by the company to expand its […]

October 12th

Truck Transporting Teslas Run Off Road By Bus (Video)

A truck transporting a number of brand new Tesla Model S sedans and Model X SUVs was recently almost run off the road a bit north of Fremont, California. The culprit was a County Connection commuter bus. This was captured in video format that recently surfaced. The incident in question, which happened on September 27th, involved the commuter bus […]

October 7th

Ube Industries Expanding Lithium-Ion Battery Separator Production Capacity

In order to meet growing demand from the automotive industry, Ube Industries will be expanding its lithium-ion battery separator production capacity at its Sakai Factory (Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture), which supports the production of Toyota Prius batteries. The expansion project, which will take place after current production expansion construction finishes, is expected to be completed by […]

October 6th

US Transportation Secretary Talks “Automated, Sustainable, & Connected” Vehicles

The US Department of Transportation Secretary, Anthony R. Foxx, recently spoke on the subject of automated, sustainable, and connected vehicles at the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) in Greenville, SC, during a visit to the nonprofit R&D center. The comments, made to a crowd of over “100 business and industry leaders,” included references to the […]

October 4th