Worlds Largest Battery-Electric Locomotive Fleet, Fast Charging Electric Cars

Battery-Electric Locomotive Union Pacific Railroad to Assemble World’s Largest Carrier-Owned Battery-Electric Locomotive Fleet Caterpillar to Supply Locomotives to Union Pacific Railroad, Supporting Investment in World’s Largest Battery-Electric Locomotive Fleet BHP Orders Four Battery-Electric Locomotives for WAIO […]

The ID. LIFE, Sustainable, Innovative & Timeless, Vehicle to Grid, Autonomous Battery-Electric Rail Vehicles

The ID. LIFE01 Sustainable, Innovative and Timeless Vehicle to Grid  Electric Vehicles to the grid. Known as REVS (Realizing Electric Vehicle-to-grid Services)  Electric Trains, Autonomous Vehicle News Former SpaceX Engineers Raise $49.55 Million to Build Autonomous […]

Six-Wheel-Drive Pure-Electric Hyper-GT, Europe’s Charge to Electrification, Electric Trains, Buses, Trucks

EVs Europe Europe to lead the charge to electrification under Nissan Ambition 2030 vision Hennessey Reveals Unprecedented Six-Wheel-Drive Pure-Electric Hyper-GT  Tesla, Europe Teslas and other electric cars take Switzerland by storm Tesla worked with LK Tech […]

Wabtec Signs Memoranda of Understanding with Carnegie Mellon University & Genesee & Wyoming to Decarbonize Freight Rail and Improve Freight Rail Safety

PITTSBURGH,  Sept. 10, 2021 — Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Carnegie Mellon University, a top university in engineering, artificial intelligence, battery technology, autonomy and robotics, which formalizes […]

Wabtec’s All-Battery Locomotive, FLXdrive, Lowers Freight Train’s Fuel Consumption by More Than 11 Percent in California Pilot Wabtec’s Battery-Electric Locomotive, YouTube FLXdrive is the world’s first 100% battery-powered, heavy-haul freight locomotive On a mission to net-zero emissions, the FLXdrive battery locomotive uses 18,000 batteries to cut the world’s carbon footprint Wabtec’s […]

A Transformational Step for Alstom: Completion of the Acquisition of Bombardier Transportation –The AGC Battery Train

A transformational step for Alstom: completion of the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation Alstom announces today the completion of the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation. Leveraging on its clear Alstom in Motion strategy and its strong operational fundamentals and financial […]

Delsbo Electric All-Electric Railcar Competition Won By Team From Sweden’s Dalarna University

The most recent Delsbo Electric contest for highly efficient battery-electric railcar vehicles was won by a team from Sweden’s Dalarna University, according to recent reports. As the name suggests, the contest is held near the Swedish […]

Dallas Becomes The First US City To Possess A Hybrid-Electric Streetcar That Can Run Without Overhead Wires

The city of Dallas, Texas, is now the first city in the US to possess a hybrid-electric streetcar that can run without an overhead wire-connection — in this case, the streetcar in question makes use of […]

Audi Utilizing Alstom-Produced Plug-In Hybrid Shunting Locomotive At Facility In Ingolstadt

The German automotive manufacturer Audi is utilizing one of Alstom’s 1,000-horsepower plug-in hybrid shunting locomotives at its facility in Ingolstadt, according to recent reports. The new 3-axle Alstom H3 plug-in hybrid locomotive is capable of running […]

China Railway International Looking Into Financing Portion Of Proposed Californian High-Speed Rail Project

In a rather interesting turn of events, it appears that China Railway International is working with the Chinese Export-Import Bank to potentially finance a portion of the proposed Californian high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and […]