Audi Utilizing Alstom-Produced Plug-In Hybrid Shunting Locomotive At Facility In Ingolstadt

The German automotive manufacturer Audi is utilizing one of Alstom’s 1,000-horsepower plug-in hybrid shunting locomotives at its facility in Ingolstadt, according to recent reports.

The new 3-axle Alstom H3 plug-in hybrid locomotive is capable of running on about 50% of the diesel required by a conventional counterpart (thereby lowering emissions, reportedly), and is, of course, often considerably quieter.

Alstom hybrid train audi

The locomotive is reportedly being used in all-electric mode while operating in the plant buildings, thereby making for a better work environment. The locomotive can reportedly operate for around 2 hours at a time while in all-electric mode.

Green Car Congress provides more info:

Its battery is plugged in during breaks for recharging with CO2‑free electricity, or is supported while in motion by a diesel engine. This means that the plug‑in‑hybrid locomotive emits up to 60 tons less CO2 each year. For the Ingolstadt plant, this is another stage on the way to the CO2‑neutral factory.

Volkswagen is also using an H3 hybrid locomotive at its plant in Wolfsburg. Volkswagen and Alstom have been connected in a long-lasting technology-partnership on the area of hybrid shunting locomotives. In a pilot project, Volkswagen used retrofitted shunters with a hybrid drive from Alstom. The operating experiences from these locos paved the way of the development of the new H3 platform.

Given the sheer, brazen arrogance of the ongoing lying from Volkswagen execs, I’m at the point where I’m skeptical of everything concerning the company, so I’m not sure that I’m willing to take any of this at face value (and have not been to the facilities in question myself to verify specifics).

Anyways, though… here’s what the head of the Audi plant railway in Ingolstadt, Johann Schmid, had to say: “Our goal is all‑round sustainable logistics. The new railway technology allows more economical, energy‑efficient and low‑emission rail transport. In connection with the latest chassis technology, the plug‑in‑hybrid locomotive sets new standards in shunting and rail transport.”

And probably helps with PR in some limited ways, no doubt.

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